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Surreal Jewellery Pieces: GEMS AND LADDERS x Meret Oppenheim
Surreal Jewellery Pieces
Entertainment 23 Nov 2016

The Swiss company, GEMS AND LADDERS, is selling a line of jewellery pieces by one of Surrealism’s greats, Meret Oppenheim.
A collection of three quirky yet distinctive pieces are available, created by the artist in the 1930s, including the Sugar Ring, Snake Ear Cuff, and the iconic Fur Bracelet.
Each piece is representative of Oppenheim’s bold and playful aesthetic as well as being an embodiment of GEMS AND LADDER’s motto of breaking boundaries across art, fashion and design. The multifaceted artist worked across a vast range of disciplines from drawing, sculpture and painting to designing furniture, clothing and jewellery.
A lover of natural materials, the Surrealist designed a Sugar Ring in the mid-30s. The artist took jewellery to a whole new level by elevated a frangible sugar cube as a precious stone, turning an edible material into a wearable piece of fine jewellery. The wearer has the freedom to exchange the cube for a real gem at any time.
Additionally, the collection features Oppenheim’s emblematic Fur Bracelet composed of 18k polished gold. This furry creation led to the artist’s most famous works including a fur-covered cup, saucer and spoon, which the father of Surrealism André Breton christened as “Le Déjeuner En Fourrure” (Lunch in Fur) in 1936.
For those who like to dress to impress, Oppenheim’s eye-catching gold “Snake Ear Cuff” adorned with green tsavorite gems, should be on the top of their wish list. The design consists of a small snake embracing the wearer’s ear, wrapping its narrow tail around it. This is a piece we’d recommend for women who should not be reckoned with, as the snake appears protective yet also menacing.
Founded by Thomas W. Bechtler, GEMS AND LADDERS is a Swiss-based company, which showcases collections of fine jewellery created in collaboration with contemporary artists. Artists are invited to create one-of-a-kind pieces with jewellery designers with a variety of materials, which intends to challenge the boundaries of creativity, design, fashion, and art.

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