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The 6 Times Kendall Jenner Made A Mark On The Art World So Far
Because she’s not just a big name in fashion…
Art x Style 04 Apr 2020

We all know Kendall Jenner. She’s the Kardashian sister who shocked the world by transforming herself from reality TV starlet to the highest paid model in the fashion world. Known for turning heads on the catwalks of Versace and Chanel, she also has some pretty serious credentials in the art world. Want to know how? Well, read on dear reader…

When She Modelled For Maurizio Cattelan

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UNHINGED ???? KENDALL by CATTELAN, photographed by Campbell Addy⁠ ⁠ For GARAGE Issue 18, Kendall Jenner steps into Maurizio Cattelan's raucous world. @mauriziocattelan has been razzing the art world since well before the duct-taped banana that upended Art Basel Miami Beach last year, spurring any delusions of institution, luxury, or sanctity along the way. In these dire times, his buoyancy provides some perspective, and welcome respite. At the link in bio, GARAGE and @campbelladdy hallucinate Cattelan’s vision, as @kendalljenner—styled by GARAGE’s Fashion Director Gabriella Karefa-Johnson—becomes his unhinged muse.⁠ ⁠ Photographer and Director: @campbelladdy⁠ Fashion Director: @gabriellak_j⁠ Creative Director: @brianphillipsimage⁠ Casting: @itboygregk Hair: @evaniefrausto⁠ Makeup: @erinparsonsmakeup⁠ Manicurist: @honeynailz⁠ Set Designer: @frau.juliawagner⁠ Movement Director: @jordandrobson⁠ DOP: @jaredtaylorchristiansen⁠ Production: Heather Robbins, Maria Strycharz, and @weiliwang83

A post shared by GARAGE Magazine (@garage_magazine) on

Just recently Kendall appeared on a new magazine cover. But it wasn’t Vogue or Harper’s, it was art bible GARAGE and she was modelling artworks by none other than Maurizio CattelanFrom posing as the bust of a ship to taping photographer Campbell Addy to a wall, Kendall proves she’s got the moves not only to model Prada and Chanel, but also to model iconic works of art too.

When She Was Spotted At Frieze LA

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#light #art #color

A post shared by James Turrell (@jamesturell) on

Frieze popped up in LA in February 2020, and perhaps it was a perfect ploy to lure in the Hollywood A-List. Amongst those in attendance were Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lopez, but a certain Kendall Jenner was there too. In fact, she is rumoured to have even bought a work by James Turrell at the Pace Gallery booth right off the bat as soon as the VIP preview day had opened. So it looks like we have a little art collector on our hands!

When She Appeared In Clothes Inspired By William De Morgan

In 2019 Kendall Jenner appeared in some exclusive images of a new Loewe collection for British Vogue. Doesn’t sound like anything art girls should be taking note of, right? Well you would be wrong, because these particular clothes were inspired by the work of British artist William De Morgan. So, technically, Kendall was modelling art. 

When She Made A Film About Performance Art With Gigi Hadid

In 2016 Kendall appeared in a video for W Magazine with her BFF Gigi Hadid. But it wasn’t your standard fashion film. This clip celebrated all things art. Within the film, the supermodel pair recreated iconic performance art works by Marina AbramovicYoko Ono and Yves Klein. The duo also blessed us with some hilarious bloopers. Perhaps the duo will be appearing soon at a gallery near you.

When She Let The World In On Her Art Collection


Image via @kendalljenner

In 2018 Kendall posted images inside of her new home’s doors on her IG stories, giving us a look inside an art collection we didn’t know existed. The walls are covered in works by William Klein and Lauren Greenfield, and after that James Turrell purchase at Frieze LA, we’re sure that there’s more we haven’t seen yet!

When An Artist Painted Over Her In Times Square

Kendall is pretty famous now for modelling her #mycalvins, but in 2015 graffiti artist KATSU decided to deface one of her ad campaigns on a gigantic billboard in New York City. In fact, it’s a pretty momentous work, as it is the first recorded act of drone graffiti. So, while her face was vandalised, Kendall can proudly say that her’s was the first to be deemed important enough to get the drone graffiti treatment. 

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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