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The 8 Worst Types of Co-Workers
we're just thankful that we'll get to have a break from our co-workers.
Career 14 Dec 2021

Yes, we’re excited to stop work for Christmas because we’re looking forward to seeing our family, eating great food, having revitalising lie-ins, and getting and giving some fabulous gift. But for a lot of us, we’re just thankful that we’ll get to have a break from our co-workers.

Unless you have the patience of a saint, it’s unlikely that you like and actively get along with everyone you work with. Some co-workers are more difficult to handle than others; some may be a bit too loud or a bit cluttered, but some are bullies or creeps.

The Boss’ Pet

It seems like their only purpose in life is to suck up to your boss and be the Golden Girl/Boy of the office. In the eyes of management, they can do no wrong. The Boss’ Pet is the first to get opportunities they might not deserve/be suitable for, because they’re the favourite.

The Slacker

Somehow still employed, The Slacker manages to sail through the day without doing anything at all. And because it’s just your luck, you’ll probably end up working on various group projects together.

The Negative Nelly

Nothing is right for Negative Nelly. They drain the atmosphere in the office, belittle your achievements, and prevent high aspirational projects from happening because of their fear of failure.

The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist – on paper – sounds like the ideal employee. However, you’ll end up in never-ending conversations about tiny details that no one could ever possibly notice because they need everything just right. Nothing ever seems to get done because every task is a battle.

The Office Gossip

We all love a bit of drama, but The Office Gossip is not your friend. It’s all well and good when you’re enjoying hearing who-kissed-who and what HR supposedly said in that secret meeting, but as soon as theirs dirt to dish on you – you’ll be The Office Gossip’s next headline.

The Alpha Male

Loud. Boarish. Cocky. The Alpha Male is a nightmare to deal with in the office: they think that they’re God’s Gift and boss everyone around even when they’re not in a managerial positions.

The Prom Queen

Just like the bully girls in high school, the office Prom Queen is judgmental and rude to co-workers but gets away with it because of her charms on the employer and customers. She’s the one who’ll ask if you’re feeling unwell because you don’t wear a full-face of makeup one day.

The Messy Jessy

Their desk’s a mess and so is their workload. The Messy Jessy is bad with deadlines, finding anything, and being anything but a liability when it comes to communal working.

Author: Verity Babbs

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