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The Art News You Missed While Getting To Grips With Reality
Because nothing seems real anymore
Art Stuff 22 Jun 2020

It feels like we are constantly commenting on how weird everything is right now. But let’s be honest, everything IS super weird right now. Online art fairs have become the new normal, yet some galleries are beginning to reopen. All the while, global politics has well and truly turned upside down. And, given all this, you will be forgiven for being a little behind with what’s going on in the art world. So here’s a list of all the things you missed while getting to grips with reality.


Kadir Nelson Asks Us To Say Their Names On New Yorker Cover

We are all fully immersed in the events surrounding the death of George Floyd, so it is a no-brainer that he appears on the cover of The New Yorker. The artist behind the new issue is by artist Kadir Nelson and titled Say Their Names. The artwork also features other activists and black victims of police violence asking us to say their names. 

Tracey Emin Shows Off Work Made In Lockdown

The UK’s lockdown is only just beginning to ease, and while shops have opened, restaurants are closed. The headline grabbing British artist Tracey Emin has used this solitude to create a new body of work titled I Thrive On Solitude which is on view via The White Cube’s online viewing room

Inigo Philbrick Found On Pacific Island

We love a bit of scandal. So, here’s a short rundown on the status of runaway art dealer Inigo Philbrick (for a more in-depth take see ArtNet here). In case you didn’t know previously, Philbrook had been on the run since October 2019 following accusations of defrauding collectors by selling artworks that he didn’t actually own. After several months of searching, he was located on the island of Vanuatu. Due in court this week, we’re keen to see how this unravels…


Samira Nasr Named New Editor In Chief At Harper’s Bazaar

In a world where the status quo is being shaken up, we are so happy to hear the news that Samira Nasr is now at the helm of top fashion mag Harper’s Bazaar. In her own words: “As the proud daughter of a Lebanese father and a Trinidadian mother, my worldview is expansive and is anchored in the belief that representation matters. My lens by nature is colourful and so it is important to me to begin a new chapter in bazaar’s history by shining a light on all individuals who I believe are the inspiring voices of our time.” We’re looking forward to seeing how the magazine changes! 

Emma Watson Joins Kering’s Board Of Directors

The French house behind Gucci and Balenciaga has just added Emma Watson to its board of directors. We are intrigued to see what the Harry Potter star will add to the house, where she will also chair the Sustainability Committee.  

Givenchy Announces A New Creative Director

Fashion is well and truly beginning to resume again, and Givenchy has announced Matthew M Williams as its new creative director. A close pal of Virgil Abloh, we’re excited to see what the LA-based designer brings to the French brand. 

Gucci Celebrates Every Aspect Of Beauty

Now here’s something to make you smile: Gucci Beauty’s new campaign! Proving everyone is beautiful, we are obsessed with this shot of Ellie wearing Gucci’s Mascara L’Obscur. 


Art Basel Opens Online

We all shed a little tear when Art Basel cancelled its September addition, but for those feeling sad, it has just opened online! The Art Basel online viewing room is open until June 26. 

Hermes Is Doing Incredibly Well Despite Covid 19

While the majority of the fashion industry is suffering, The Hermes market share has reached a record high, with its stock price increasing by five percent. Going to show that even in a global health crisis, people will still be buying Birkins.  

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