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The Art News You Missed While Gossiping With Your BFF
Salvator Mundi becomes NFT and real life mummy parade takes place in Cairo
News 09 Apr 2021

Hey art squad, how’s your week been? After the Easter long weekend it’s been hard to keep up with the super fast paced world of art. I mean, let’s be honest, gossiping with our besties is much more appealing than trawling news sites. But don’t feel bad about not being on top of things, we’ve got you covered with everything you missed!


Salvator Mundi Becomes Transformed Into NFT

Image via @aktaia.interiors

The Salvator Mundi has been making headlines for years now, and that’s not about to change any time soon. Leonardo Da Vinci’s most divisive artwork has now been turned into an NFT by art historian Ben Lewis. He is auctioning it via OpenSea in the hope of matching the $450 million paid for the sale of the original painting, in order to share the proceeds with the Hendry family who originally sold the painting in 2005 for just $1,175. 

Real Life Mummy Parade Takes Place In Cairo

Image via @experienceegypt

This sounds like something from out of a movie, but it isn’t! Last week a procession of 22 ancient Egypptian royal mummies took place across Cairo as the mummies moved home to the newly opened National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. The mummies – 4 queens and 18 kings – were transported in vehicles made to look like pharaonic boats and were accompanied by Egyptian celebrities who were championing their heritage.  

You Can Now Buy A Book Of Daniel Arsham’s Most Memorable Quotes

Image via @nomorerulers

A book of quotes by Daniel Arsham called Arsham-isms has just been released by No More Rulers and Princeton University Press. The book covers art, design and pop culture, covering the artist’s architecture and design practice. You can buy the book online for $14.95.


Levi’s Drops A Special Keith Haring x Mickey Collab

Image via @levis

This could be the ultimate collab. Disney x Keith Haring x Levi’s features illustrations of Mickey Mouse by Keith Haring on Levi’s staples. You can also level up, by customising the collection too – choosing the colours and sizes of the artwork. You can get your hands on the super cool drop from April 8 online and in stores!

Helmut Lang Wants You To Stay In School

Image via @helmutlang

Statement tees have always been popular and now Helmut Lang has released one that your parents will love too! You can now buy a shirt that says Helmut Lang says stay in school, which you can buy online for £145.


Picasso To Bring In Big $$$ At Christie’s

Image via @christiesinc

Thought the market was going completely digital? Think again! While we’ve all been trying to get our heads around NFTs, the big names of modern art are still making their mark on the art market. A Picasso portrait of his lover Marie-Therese Walter is set to go up for auction at Christie’s on May 11, and experts expect it to reach up to $55 million!

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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