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The Art News You Missed While Logging Into Your 100th Viewing Room
Sometimes it’s just too hard to concentrate…
News 09 Oct 2020

Hey art girl, are you feeling tired? Have you logged in to one too many viewing rooms lately? Is the thought of catching up on global art news making you want to flush your phone down the toilet? We wouldn’t blame you. There’s a lot going on these days, and most of us are feeling just a little bit fatigued. So, while you make yourself a cup of tea, here’s a quick run-through of everything you missed!


Team Lab, James Turrell and Es Devlin To Star In Huge Experiential Art Space Opening In Miami

This is exactly the kind of news we want to hear! James Turrell, teamLab and Es Devlin are just presenting large scale installations for the inaugural exhibition at Superblue, a new experiential art space opening later this year in Miami. Superblue is a company dedicated to experiential art, and Superblue Miami will be one of its venues for the presentation of that art. The Miami space will open on December 22 and we can’t wait to hear more about it!

George Condo To Unveil Quarantine Paintings

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Celeb-fave George Condo is set to have an exhibition of works made during quarantine at Hauser & Wirth in New York. Internal Riot opens on November 5 (and online) and will draw on the artist’s experience in isolation. 

Gagosian Launches Livestreaming Series

Is the art world going all Hollywood? Well, maybe! Gagosian is launching a new livestreaming initiative featuring gallery tours, discussions and performances, that pairs artists with celebrities. In a time where only a handful of people can attend private views, Gagosian Premieres aims to allow many people to connect all at once. 


Daily Paper Releases Garments With Van Gogh Museum

Dutch designer Daily Paper has joined forces with the Van Gogh Museum to release a line of clothes featuring the Dutch master’s iconic artwork. The line features jackets, hats, scarves and bags, which are available to buy online. ,

Gucci Embraces The Fakes

Luxury fashion lines have to deal with fakes all the time. Gucci however, has found a novel way of dealing with them: by releasing pieces with the word “FAKE” sprawled over them! The Fake Not collection includes t-shirts, bags and sneakers, and is just the right dose of humor we need right now.

Louis Vuitton Collabs With The NBA

Perhaps an unlikely pairing, Louis Vuitton and the NBA are collaborating on a duffel bag. Announced earlier this year, a confirmed release date has not been announced. When the bags do drop however, we’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot of fashionistas taking an interest in basketball. 


Frieze London Opens Online

It’s Frieze Week in London, but not as you know it. The fair has opened online but the sculpture park is still in situ in Regents Park. And while another viewing room may sound dreadful, London has plenty of arty activities for you to enjoy, which you can read all about, here!

1:54 Takes Place IRL

An actual art fair that you can visit in real life has opened in London! 1:54, the Africa-focused fair, has opened its doors inside London’s Somerset House, and runs until this Sunday.

Sotheby’s From Japan With Love Sale To Take Place In London

From Japan With Love will be Sotheby’s first ever auction dedicated to Japanese art, including works by iconic artists including Yoshitomo Nara, Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami. The sale is currently on view in London, and will be auctioned online until October 13. 

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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