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The Art News You Missed While Ordering An Iced Latte
Keith Haring polaroids and a Birkin made out of a banana
News 11 Jun 2021

Hey art squad! How’s your week been? We know things are starting to get busy again, so we won’t blame you if you’ve been struggling to keep up with art world news. While you’ve been unwinding with your favourite iced latte, we’ve been gathering all the important gossip so you don’t have to! So sit back, relax, and let us remind you of all the art news you missed this week!


Centre Pompidou To Open In New Jersey

Image via @centrepompidou

Don’t worry, Paris’s iconic Centre Pompidou isn’t closing down. However, there will be a US outpost soon in New Jersey. The second spot will open in 2024 and will include works from the Centre Pompidou collection of over 120,000 artworks. 

You Can Get A Keith Haring Polaroid

Image via @keithharingfoundation

What’s cooler than owning a polaroid camera? Owning a polaroid camera decorated in the style of artwork by Keith Haring! In a collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation, Polaroid’s new camera also comes with film embellished with Haring designs. You can get your hands on one of the limited edition cameras via the Polaroid website now!

Lindsey Lohan, Your New NFT Guru?

Image via @interviewmag

In an article for Interview Magazine a certain Ms Lohan tells us how to make serious bank through the NFT game. It seems LiLo knows a thing or two about NFTs, having sold her single Lullaby in non-fungible format for a whopping $85,000! In the Interview article Lohan explains everything from Metamask to Rarible and provides a pretty good step-by-step guide on how to mint your own non-fungible token. 


Galliano-Era Dior Up For Sale

Image via @cornettedestcyr

While we love Maria Grazia, we have to admit that John Galliano’s time at Dior was pretty legendary. 500 of his sought after pieces have just been auctioned via Cornette de Saint Cyr, a Parisian auction house. Some of the lots were from Galliano’s first ever collection with Dior and we just wish we could have got our hands on a piece!

Ben Denzer Makes Birkin’s Out Of Veggies

Image via @bdenzer

Suddenly veggies look so much more appetising! These green bags – crafted out of asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers and bananas – were made by artist Ben Denzer and are reproductions of the iconic Birkin bag by Hermes. We’re not sure what they’re in aid of, but they’re super cute! 


Painting Made By Winston Churchill And Owned By Onassis Family Up For Sale

Image via @phillipsauction

What a headline! The Moat, Breccles, a painting made by Winston Churchill in 1921 and subsequently owned by the Onassis family, will be up for sale at Phillips on June 23. The work is set to reach up to $2 million.

Art Basel To Go Ahead IRL In September

Image via @artbasel

Wahoo! One of the first art fairs to be called off because of the pandemic is making its return very soon! Art Basel will be taking place September 20-26 in real life and we are soooo happy about it! The art world is making a comeback!

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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