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The Art News You Missed While teamLab Kicks Off Sauna Experience
We’ll update you on all the gossip you missed this week
Art Stuff 06 Aug 2020

Hey art girl, how are you coping? Has it been another long week of working-from-home? Are you melting from the heat? Will that one annoying client just not leave you alone? We feel you, we’ve all been there. We’re pretty sure that between the heat and your workload, it’s been pretty tough to keep up-to-date with art news, right? Well, don’t worry, we’re here to catch you up on everything you missed!


KAWS And Jeff Koons Fly Flags From Rockefeller Center

New York’s Rockefeller Center is hosting a public art installation called The Flag Project that includes flags made by artists including KAWS, Jeff Koons, Jenny Holzer and Marina Abramovic. The installation celebrates NYC’s culture, strength and resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic and will be installed until August 16.

Team Lab Create A Sauna Experience In Japan


Yep, you read that right, light enthusiasts Team Lab have brought a sauna into their work. The new installation at Mifuneyama Rakuen in Japan takes over Takeo Hot Springs, which is reportedly the best sauna in Japan. Bright lights surrounded by 3-million-year old nature? Count us in!


British Vogue Embraces Activism

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Introducing #BritishVogue’s September 2020 issue, featuring a special fold-out cover starring 20 inspirational activists dedicated to making a change. First up: model and activist @AdwoaAboah, who has used her visibility to change perceptions around mental health, most notably through her platform @GurlsTalk, and international footballer and child poverty campaigner @MarcusRashford, who recently used his platform to lobby the government to fund free school meals for vulnerable children. From those tackling systemic racism to disability discrimination and domestic abuse, gender inequality to the climate crisis, in the new issue, @AfuaHirsch meets the activists determined to make a difference the world over. Swipe to see the full cover and read the full story at the link in bio. #VogueHope Featuring: @MarcusRashford @AdwoaAboah Second cover, from top left: @Meenals_World @TamikaDMallory @RizAhmed @JanetMock Professor Angela Davis Jane Elliott Alice Wong @Disability_Visibility @IJesseWilliams @JoanSmalls Third cover, from top left: @ReniEddoLodge Yvette Williams @OfficialJ4G @IAmPatrickHutchinson @OsopePatrisse @ClaraAmfo @BerniceAKing @JanayaTheFuture @FDwyer1980 Brittany Packnett Cunningham @MsPackyetti #MarcusRashford wearing @R13, @AColdWall & @Churchs and #AdwoaAboah wearing @Fenty, @Martine_Rose, @LockHatters, @Osoi_Official & @SLJLondon, photographed by @MisanHarriman and styled by @ItsDWallace, with hair by @EarlSimms2 and make-up by @CeliaBurtonMakeUp. With additional cover photography by @PhilipDanielDucasse, @KingTexas, @ChriseanRose, @EddieH__ and @KidNoble.

A post shared by British Vogue (@britishvogue) on

British Vogue is dedicating its coveted September issue to activism. In recent times it feels like we’ve all found our voice, and fashion is now speaking up in a big way. The issue features a special fold-out cover starring 20 inspirational activists including Adwoa Aboah and Marcus Rashford. 

Vogue Champions Hope Across The World 

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As all of Vogue’s global editions unite around the theme of hope, 26 editors-in-chiefs share an image from their new print issue and tell us why it gives them hope for the future. Vogue Italia’s Editor-in-Chief Emanuele Farneti @efarneti chose an image by @_MassimoVitali_, “Capannina Bianca June 2nd (2020)”. “This picture was taken at Marina di Massa in Tuscany, on June 2nd (an Italian national holiday – Republic Day, ”Festa della Repubblica”). Italy, with it’s 7.500 km (4,660 mi) coastline, seems to be the perfect place to be when the summer blossoms and the sun is warm. This year, though, it wasn’t business as usual: the country was just timidly opening up after three months of lockdown, pain and uncertainty. As people started to slowly go back to their habits, populating the beaches although maintaining social distancing, we can already catch a glimpse of the carefree, happy attitude that has always characterized the Italian way of life. Massimo Vitali’s entire work spurs from a deep curiosity and empathy for people, materialized in his large-scale panoramas portraying moments of freedom, joy and leisure, mostly in crowded Mediterranean beaches. As Massimo recounts, “Capannina Bianca is not an easy picture but if you spend some time with it, looking at the details, the way you should with every photo, you fall in love with it." Details of HOPE can be found throughout the whole landscape captured by the lens of Vitali: for instance the two teens in the middle left were he’s leaning over to kiss her, and the family wading across the water with the father carrying the baby.” #EmanueleFarneti Discover more about #VogueHope via link in bio.

A post shared by Vogue Italia (@vogueitalia) on

And in more Vogue news, 26 editors of international Vogue editions across the world are sharing images of hope. Our favourite is from Vogue Italia and a snap by Massimo Vitali showing people holidaying on Italian beaches after months of lockdown. 

Off-White Supports Black Businesses

We’re all trying to do our bit to be a little more thoughtful with our consumer purchases right now, so this new t-shirt drop from Off-White is most welcome. The brand’s new slogan tees read I Support Young Black Businesses with proceeds from the $220 t-shirt going to Chicago CRED, an organisation that creates opportunities in the fashion industry for underserved communities. 


Christie’s Launches Sale Dedicated To Black Artists

As the world has woken up to the Black Lives Matter movement, so has the art world. Christie’s has just launched an online sale called SAY IT LOUD (I’m Black and I’m Proud) curated by 24-year-old curator Destinee Ross-Sutton. The sale includes works by 22 young Black artists and runs until August 17.

James Murdoch Now Owns Major Stake In Art Basel’s Parent Company

James Murdoch is probably best known for being the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, you know, the guy behind News Corp. Well you’re going to learn much more about him, since he now has a controlling stake in MCH Group, Art Basel’s parent company. Read more about it here.  

Basquiat Painting Sells For $10.8 Million Via Auction App

Apps may well be the future of luxury art auctions. A painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat just sold for a whopping $10.8 million USD via new app Fair Warning. The app was created by Loic Gouzer, who was formerly co-chairman of Christie’s. Each week the app auctions off a single piece of work and judging by the results of this sale it’s doing very well. Say goodbye to your paddles and hello to your smartphone!

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