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The Art News You Missed While The Sun Came Out
Summer’s on its way!
News 04 Jun 2021

June is here and the sun is out. And you know what that means?! As much time away from our desks and lying in the sunshine as possible. But, while you were topping up your tan, the art world kept moving forward. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered with all the art news you missed!


London’s First Gallery Weekend Kicks Off

Image via @londongalleryweekend

It’s been a tough year and a bit for Londoners but, after endless lockdowns, galleries and museums are open and the city is about to be treated to its very first Gallery Weekend. London Gallery Weekend kicks off this week with galleries across the UK’s capital coming together to celebrate all things art!

Elon Musk And Tesla Invite Artists To Graffiti Berlin Factory

Tesla and Elon Musk posted a call-out on Twitter asking artists to submit awesome graffiti for their new Gigafactory in Berlin. Environmentally friendly cars and cool art, this sounds fun!


Etsy Buys Depop

Image via @depop

Depop is basically the modern version of eBay and it’s big business. The second hand clothing app has just been bought by Etsy for a whopping $1.6 billion, apparently in a bid to tap into the Gen Z market. We’re interested to see how this affects both Etsy and Depop.

Papa Johns Releases Clothing

Image via @abbiemaymua

Speaking of Depop, iconic pizza makers Papa Johns are releasing clothing via the app. The garms are similar to the Vetements DHL pieces, Papa x Cheddar – yes, that’s really the name of the line – includes upcycled pieces inspired by delivery drivers. You can get your hands on the collection here!

Donatella Versace Teams Up With Lady Gaga For Pride

Image via @donatella_versace

Pride month is here, and what better way to celebrate than through a collaboration with Donatella Versace and Lady Gaga. Gaga’s iconic track Born This Way is ten this year – yep, we’re all old now – and to celebrate Versace is launching something special for Little Monsters who believe in inclusivity and diversity with a line of products that will contribute to the Born This Way Foundation.


Artist Sells Invisible Square For $$$

Image via @salvatore_garau

You really couldn’t make these headlines up. Salvatore Garau has just sold an invisible sculpture – it “exists, but not in material form, more like a vacuum” – for a whopping $18,000. The concept is based on something called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which is concerned with energy. The invisible work came with a certificate of authenticity and must be displayed in a 5×5 foot square to show that it does exist, even if we can’t see it.

Andy Warhol’s Watch Up For Auction

Image via @andywarholartist

Andy Warhol is famous for saying that in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes, and you can bet that he counted those minutes on his Patek Philippe Calatrava Watch. This watch is now going up for auction at Christie’s in a watch sale running online from June 8 to 22. We’re sure it’s going to bring in big bucks!

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