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The Art News You Missed While You Put Your Alarm On Snooze
Cate Blanchett builds gallery and Kamala Harris is on the cover of Vogue
Career 15 Jan 2021

Hey art girls, how’s it going?! Yep, it’s stillll January. Somehow it feels like 2021 has been dragging for eternity, but we’ve actually got a whole year ahead of us. As working from home continues, it can be hard to get up in the morning, so we won’t hold it against you if you’ve struggled to keep up with art world news. But don’t worry, we always have your back! We’ve got you covered with all the gossip you missed!


New Netflix Series Set At The Louvre

Image via @lupinnetflixtv

Netflix’s latest hit is an arty one! Lupin is a contemporary retelling of the classic French story about Arsène Lupin, a thief and master of disguise starring Omar Sy. The show is about a thief who steals Marie Antoinette’s prized jewels from the Louvre and we can’t wait to binge watch!

New York’s Highline Due To Get $60 Million Redevelopment

Image via @highlinenyc

New York’s highline – a massive public art space – has a $60 million redevelopment in the works. The plan is to increase pedestrian connectivity on the West Side of Manhattan with a commitment to engage local residents. We’re excited to see how this transpires. 

Smithsonian Rushes To Collect Ephemera From Storming Of The Capitol

Image via @theartnewspaper.official

We’ve all been watching the news in the US and were somewhat taken aback by the events that happened at the Capitol last week. A new article in Artnet has now reported that the Smithsonian is rushing to collect flags and protest signs, which could now end up in museums.

Cate Blanchett Turns Cottage Into Gallery 

Image via @cate_blanchettofficial

Did you know that actress Cate Blanchett is an avid art collector? She hit the news this week because she is trying to turn a space in East Sussex, England into a gallery for her collection. But that’s not what caught attention, it was the discovery that the building is home to endangered bats! Because they are a protected species, Blanchett is unable to build without a special license, so perhaps her collection will be sharing home with the creatures?! Her collection is said to include works by the likes of Paula Rego and Howard Hodgkin. 


Kamala Harris Is On The Cover Of US Vogue

Image via @voguemagazine

There’s a new woman leading US politics, and now she’s the leading lady of Vogue. Soon to be Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris is now smiling at us in Michael Kors on the cover of Vogue. We love that!

Vetements Joins Paris Fashion Week

Image via @vetements_official

While Vetements has shown during Paris Fashion Week before, the brand’s shows have generally been off-schedule. The brand is now joining the official schedule for the upcoming season, making its debut on January 22. 

Swatch Releases Keith Haring Mickey Mouse Watches

Image via @swatch

Did you know Keith Haring collabed with Mickey Mouse in 1986?! Well, now three works from the artist’s collab are appearing on watch faces, which you can buy online now through Swatch!


Expo Chicago Is Postponed

Image via @expochicago

While we’re no stranger to art fairs being postponed, this one is significant. Expo Chicago has been pushed back from April in favour of digital events. Expo Chicago is the first IRL event of 2021 to be postponed. Here’s hoping for more positive art fair news soon!

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