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The Art World Has a New Hobby. Cooking!
Because eating in is the new way of going out…
Around the Globe 27 Apr 2020

Have you noticed how your IG feed is full of just as many loaves of breads, cakes and OTT pasta dishes as it is of paintings, sculptures and online viewing rooms? The art world has a new hobby: cooking! Since we can no longer sashay our way from private view to private view, it seems that many of us are making use of extra time in the kitchen. Some arty folk have even made new IG accounts to document their new found callings as artsy chefs. So, without further ado, here are our favourite artists-cum-cooks.

Larry Ossei-Mensah @youngglobal

Artist Larry Ossei-Mensah is giving us an impressive amount of #breadporn. Posting a steady stream of images, he treats us to both the full loaf and a peak inside his buns. Specialising in harvest bread, his bakes include golden raisins, pecans and cornmeal. YUM!

Laura de Gunzburg @labriochelondon (aka @ldegunzburg)

The Cultivist’s Laura de Gunzburg has just succeeded in making us all look seriously basic. Launching a brand new Instagram account – la brioche London – she teases us with pics of lobster, calamari and courgette flowers. Here’s hoping we get an invite to dinner at her place once we’re out of lockdown…

Chomwan Weeraworawit Huang @quarantinekitschen (aka @chomchomw)

Quarantine Kitschen was founded for “the love of food.” The new IG feed acts as a recipe swap uniting friends, chefs and food lovers all in one place. Featured recipes include everything from Mapo Tofu to Seafood Linguine, with inspiration covering every cuisine.

Olafur Eliasson @soe_kitchen (aka @studioolafureliasson)

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Kitchen Tastes from home: Simple Pasta. We’d like to share with you simple, seasonal recipes, with vegetarian and vegan options, that we would cook for ourselves, our families, and our friends at home when we have little time on hand. Stay tuned for more lunch and dinner recipes, which we plan to extend to baking, brunch, and kid’s favourites for the weekends. From our home kitchen to your home office, to stay connected: Simple Pasta – soul food pasta for an easy-going evening at home Serves 2 people (please double or triple or increase as needed) Ingredients: – ca. 300 g pasta – 2–3 leeks – 1 head of radicchio (or chicory) – 1 handful of almonds (or hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts) – ca. 125 g chèvre goat cheese (or feta or parmesan, or vegan without cheese) – olive oil – balsamic vineger – salt and pepper 1. Roast whole almonds in the oven, 200° C for 5–7 min 2. Wash and cut the leeks in 2 cm rings, mix with oil, salt and pepper and distribute on a tray, 3. When the almonds are done, put the leeks in the oven and roast at 200° C until lightly browned (10–15 min) 4. Cut the radicchio roughly (8–12 pieces) 5. Boil the pasta in salted water 6. Sauté the radicchio with olive oil and salt in a wide pan until it’s wilted and lightly browned, then add ca. 6 tbs of balsamic vinegar and stir to combine. 7. Crumble the cheese 8. Serve separately if you wish or mix the radicchio into the pasta, serve in bowls and top with the leeks, cheese, and almonds. Add freshly ground pepper and salt to taste. For the vegan option, add fresh herbs, finely chop the almonds and mix with salt for a topping, or add sweet or rosemary roasted nuts.

A post shared by Kitchen Studio Olafur Eliasson (@soe_kitchen) on

Did you know everyone’s favourite climate-oriented artist is also a dab hand in the kitchen? Well, you do now! As well as posting food-spo, the images are also accompanied by recipes so you can make your own Olafur Eliasson masterpieces at home too!

Akram Zaatari @akramzaatari

You’d be forgiven for thinking that artist Akram Zaatari is a chef as opposed to an artist. His feed is completely full of food pictures, and every single one is making us drool. Frequently using the hashtag #lifeundercovid19, he reminds us that being inside isn’t too bad.

Katy Stubbs @katy.stubbs

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Meat! Meat! Meat!

A post shared by Katy Stubbs (@katy.stubbs) on

OK, so Katy Stubbs hasn’t exactly been posting images of edible food, but she has made some seriously yummy ceramics, so we think this counts. Instead of inspiring us to get into the kitchen, she’s making us all want to get creative!

Moza Al Matrooshi and Marwa Benhalim @attempting_abla_nazira (aka @mozaalmatrooshi and @marwaadelbenhalim)

Artists Moza Al Matrooshi and Marwa Benhalim have come together to cook up a bilingual meal. Posting images in both English and Arabic, the duo are attempting to recreate the dishes of Egyptian cook Abla Nazira. Yum yum!

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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