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The Best Non Arty Reads For Stay-at-Home Art Girls
Take your mind off an art world turned upside down
Beauty & Wellness 04 Apr 2020

It’s a weird time to be alive. We’re all stuck at home, reading about art news online. Being housebound is tough, and only speaking about can drive you a little insane. So, take a break! It’s fine to take your mind off work for a little while, especially given the current situation. So, we’ve compiled a list of things you can read to distract you a little while, from craft projects to make-up techniques. 

Perfect Your Make-Up Skills

I mean, you’re inside, and you may likely be giving your skin a break from wearing make-up everyday, but why not use this time to experiment with different skills and techniques. The make-up industry is always feeding us new products and fads, but here’s a chance to actually see if they work for you. This article on Cosmo even gives us a list of the best beauty hacks that every girl should know, result!

Get Cooking

Yumna Jawad, the lady behind Feel Good Foodie has blessed us with this list of 16 meals that you can easily make with items already in your pantry. Now is the perfect opportunity to finesse your culinary skills!

Start Stretching

Try out yoga! Being inside doesn’t mean you have to turn into a couch potato. Why not try yoga with an online YouTube tutorial? There are many blogs dedicated to yogis of all levels, from beginners to experts. Here’s an intro you can follow from Yoga With Kassandra

Learn A Little About Gems

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? The blog Adventurine is filled with tons of articles about stones, glamour and jewelry. Covering everything from the history of gems, female jewelry designers and analysis of the bling that celebs wear on the red carpet, you’re bound to learn something.

Get Inspired By Other Women

It’s likely that you’re feeling uncertain about your career direction right now. Offices are closing, people are working from home and freelancers are feeling pretty unstable. So now is the perfect time to get some positive vibes from women killing it in their careers. This slideshow on Refinery 29 gives links to TED Talks by a series of badass women. 

Start Stitching

Did you know needlework relaxes you and calms you down? It’s also a great distraction from what is going on in the world. For beginner embroiderers, the DMC website has over 1,000 free patterns to help you get started on your chosen project, and is also a webstore where you can buy your threads!

Level Up Your Manicure

Giving yourself a creative manicure isn’t always as easy as it looks, but now’s the perfect chance to try something a little difficult. Allure has a list of a number of arty Instagram nail artists, to give you inspo to try something new.

Get Crafting

With all this time on your hands, there’s plenty of opportunity to start working on all those fashionable projects you never had time to do before. Website Honestly WTF has a whole range of easy tutorials for things you can make, from headbands and sandals to bags and bouquets.

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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