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The Best Paying Jobs in the Arts
"Don't go into the arts, you won't make any money!"
Art Stuff 16 Oct 2023

“Don’t go into the arts, you won’t make any money!” – this is something we’ve all probably heard from some family member or school teacher at some point in our lives. And, to be fair, following your heart and doing something creative isn’t always the most financially stable option we could have taken.

But there are actually quite a few roles within the arts where you can make big bucks. Here are 7 jobs you might want to consider if you want to work in the arts but also be bringing home some serious bacon.

So, are you thinking of making a career change?

Art Director

Whether it be in the film and theatre industry, in hospitality, or in the fine art market, art directors get paid to make sure that all visual elements are looking fantastic. Snazzy job title, too.

Gallery Manager

Especially if you’re taking commission on work being sold, gallery managers can bring in hefty salaries. With wealthy collectors and good funding, you can be onto a financial winner becoming a gallery manager.

Interior Designer

Interior designers can bring home great money if they’re working for high-value clients, or being brought in by big companies to work on big projects.

Creative Director

Working in the creative industries and being in charge of creative decisions is, unsurprisingly, one of the most impactful and well remunerated roles you can pick.

Public Relations Specialist

Working in PR can rack you up a big yearly income when you’re working with wealthy clients willing to pay you a big fee plus commission.


It’s not all glamour and travel being a publication editor, but if you work your way up the ladder within a significant magazine or newspaper you can earn the money you’d need to live that kind of fabulous lifestyle.

Content Strategist

Being a content strategist can give you that creative fix you’re yearning for but within the structured setting of a big business with the money to pay you what you’re worth.

Author: Verity Babbs

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Gallery Educator
The National Gallery - London, UK
Marketing Coordinator 
TEFAF - New York, USA
Content Producer 
Maddox Gallery - London, UK
Gallery Manager
Galeria Madragoa - Lisboa, Portugal