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The Best Studio Outfits From Art History To Now
Getting fashionable in the studio
Art Girls Jungle 04 Apr 2022

Think making art is all functionality and overalls? Think again! Some of the greatest artists from art history – as well as those practicing now – were fashionistas in their own right. If you’re pondering changing up your studio look, let us inspire you with some of the best studio outfits from art history to the present!

Frida Kahlo 

Image via @museofridakahlo

Frida Kahlo has been influencing style lovers inside and outside of the gallery for years. And, while you might think she might slip out of her colourful wardrobe and into something a little more comfortable in the studio, you would be wrong! We have plenty of images of Frida in her gorgeous Mexican dress while at the easel. So chic.

Pablo Picasso 

Image via @ppablopicasso

The king of modern art is usually shown wearing a Breton striped t-shirt while in his studio. Such a simple look, but so versatile, and super comfy too. Anyone could replicate! 

Rahel Guiragossian 

Image via @rahelguiragossian

Rahel Guiragossian is a fashion designer born into a family of artists. Her grandfather Paul is probably Lebanon’s most esteemed painter and her father and brothers are also pretty skilled with a paintbrush too. Her prints are taken from her family’s artworks so that you blend into the artworks when wearing her clothes. Got paint on your dress? Don’t worry, it completely adds to the look!

Yayoi Kusama 

Image via @yayoi_kusama.official

If this isn’t an iconic studio look then we don’t know what is! Yayoi Kusama – aka the queen of polka dots – is always pictured wearing her trademark spots, whether inside the studio or not. Her outfits mirror her art, meaning she can morph into her works. Stunning! 

Oli Epp 

Image via @oli.epp

Proving that 21st century artists are just as stylish as those in the past, artist Oli Epp is always wearing a cap and his trademark striped trousers. We gotta say, it’s a strong look. 

Helen Frankenthaler

Image via @naifcreativespace

Proving that being in the studio doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the fashion, Helen Frankenthaler is the picture of grace in this image. No paint stains in sight. The simplicity of the shirt and skirt combo, topped off with a hairband is super dreamy. You could totally wear this outfit from the studio and into town.

Keith Haring 

Image via @haring_archive

Everyone’s favourite graffiti artist had his own signature laid back style. Often wearing jeans and a t-shirt covered in his own artwork – if you can, why not – he always looked super cool. I mean, you can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans and a statement tee, right?

Alymamah Rashed

Image via @aacanvas

Bringing the fashion to the studio, Kuwaiti artist Alymamah Rashed always looks like she’s ready to make a style statement. If you need style inspo, look no further.

Barbara Hepworth

Image via @barbarahepworthart

British sculptor Barbara Hepworth usually looks as though she’s wearing functional, practical clothing, and we applaud her for that. But look closer at that gorgeous necklace around her neck. It seems the iconic artist knew how to add a touch of glamour too!

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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