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The Coolest Art Jobs You Don’t Have on Your Radar Yet
For when you think about all those creative art jobs out there
Career 06 Mar 2023

Are you currently thinking about what kind of cool creative art jobs you could get once you get a degree in an art-related major? Or what kind of creative art-related jobs could you get if you did not have any art degree? These days there is a variety of art careers, depending on your passion. Here we might have some inspirations of the most creative artsy jobs for you!

1. Art Teacher

Do you like kids? Do you like letting your imagination run free by themselves? This might be the right art-related job for you! Sure, you need a certain art degree and certification, but isn’t it amazing to learn what these kids might want to explore with their creative imaginations?

2. Exhibition Organizer

Another art job that needs a certain level of dedication and passion. You are responsible for the whole planning, marketing and administration of an exhibition in this art-related job. If you are into scouting some venues, organising sponsorship, doing market research and have plenty of energy to meet a lot people and deadlines, then this job might be your chance to get a career in art and design world!

3. Sneakers Designer

Since the past couple of years, the sneakers market has really grown and become something that’s really popular on a mainstream level. As one of the most creative art jobs, you’d get the chance to design the whole model, shape and colour scheme of a pair of sneakers that will be worn by people out there! Just remind yourself how successful these designers collaborations are; Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas, Rick Owens and Nike, Virgil Abloh and Nike and many more.

4. Cake Decorator

If you do have a sweet-tooth and eye for aesthetics, this artsy job should be on your list. You could apply to both large and small bakeries to help them with applying icing and some other confectionary delights to cakes. Make sure you learn about the different tools needed to be used first before you apply for one of the coolest art jobs!

5. Makeup Artist

Everyone is beautiful, indeed, but sometimes you want to achieve a certain look for a certain occasion, sure! A makeup artist is responsible for applying makeup to aesthetically enhance customers for special occasions, or those who work in the entertainment industry. It’s important to evaluate your customers’ skin tone and type, eye color and hair color before you start brushing their faces. Get some visual enlightment but digging some of the craziest make-up accounts such as Design Dain

6. Barista

Do you take yourself as a coffee connoisseur? Or simply a coffee enthusiast? You could always get some trainings for this creative art-related job and challenge yourself by creating some latte arts! Not only that, you’d get the chance to learn about coffee beans, blends, and brewing and grinding techniques. Remember that greeting customers with a big smile on your face is also very important.

7. Face Painter

You have the privilege to make kids happy by making their dreams come true by doing this creative art job! Kids usually have fantasies and their parents are going to do anything to fulfill them. As long as you understand about the health and safety responsibilities, you may be able to transform your artistic freedom into the fantasy of the kids.

8. Ice Sculptor

It definitely needs a certain skill to carve impressions out of ice as this job is typically needed for high-end events, restaurants and hotels. Apparently it’s not all about coming up with a good idea and design in this particular field of art career. You also need to pick the most suitable piece of ice that are rather large and clear, coming from natural frozen water or distilled water.

9. Courtroom Sketch Artist

Some trials might allow cameras to be present in the courtroom, but some might also be banned, hence the need of a courtroom sketch artist. It is the only way people could get the idea of what really happened during a court trial. This creative art-related job is a true important collaboration of art and law!
In this court drawing by court artist Mona Shafer Edwards, Paris Hilton, right, is seen at the the Los Angeles Municipal Court Metropolitan branch, Friday, May 4, 2007, in Los Angeles. Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer, pictured left, ruled that Hilton was in violation of the terms of her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case and sentenced her to 45 days in jail. (AP Photo/ Mona Shafer Edwards) ** TV OUT **

10. Etsy Artist

Okay, do you enjoy doing some creative art jobs and turning them into some goods but don’t have enough capital to start your own business? Just go create your own Etsy account and voila! You have your own online shop platform to showcase and sell your art and crafts.

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