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The NFT Happy Hour
5 digital works we love to add to our digital wallet
Art Stuff 04 Apr 2021

5 digital works we love to add to our digital wallet:

NFTs still are everywhere (in the art world and beyond…) and while people already discuss the first crisis of this trend, from today onwards, every weekend we are excited to share our favourite NFTs with you.

You drop your own NFT or have one to share with us? Yeah, that’s brilliant and exactly what we want to know about: Send an email to [email protected] with details.

Mssingno & Natalia Stuyk – Mirada

Electronic music producer and installation artist team up for a psychedelic NFT giving digital hippie flower girls good vibes. A bit of Chinese landscape painting, a bit kitchen and a dose of Dutch sill-life vibes…


Nicole Ruggiero – Powerful

Having worked with Lady Gaga, the Weeknd or Snapchat, 3d virtual artist Nicole Ruggiero is no newcomer in the scene.Her “powerful” NFT is a bit meditation app, combined with great 3D skills gives us a good glow after our morning yoga sequence


Shantell Martin – Why Here, Why Now

Sometimes in the scene it feels good to come across a name us art peeps have came across before. Like Shantell.The minimal black and white loving artist, also got her hands on NfTs and the result is not as gimmicky but rather soothings, honest and straight forward


Classicalfuck – Women Must Serve

So excited to see that our friends from @classicalfuck entered the digital space making our hearts jump with their old master memes on IG.Unfortunately we missed the “Wet Spaghetti” but also the “Women must serve” is a nice one.



Ron English – Elefanka

Proud to be the “Canary in the Gold Mine,” world renowned artist Ron English enters the digital art space with a 10-piece Essential Collection, highlighting pivotal points in his long and illustrious career as America’s premier iconoclast. While English created the NFT through stop animation of himself painting his custom Mona Lisa Grin art figure, the current Essential Collection highlights English’s current focus on his imaginary universe of Delusionville, with main character and personal avatar Ronnnie Rabbbit, a three-eyed alien rabbbit navigating life in an underworld Utopia, with neighbors Elefanka the monarch butterfly/elephant hybrid, Zephyr Zelephant, the zebra elephant, and Waylone Wolf.


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Sotheby's - London,UK
Marketing Coordinator (5-month contract)
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