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The Very Honest Gallerist
Alexander Duve, DUVE Berlin
People 21 Oct 2016


1.  Describe your gallery in one sentence for an art world newbie.

DUVE Berlin tries to discover and showcase emerging international artists in abstract painting and conceptual art.


► 2.  Most gorgeous artist in your gallery program?

What answer do you expect me to give? They are all equally gorgeous of course!

► 3.  Whom would you love to sell an artwork to?

One of Marguerite Humeau`s sculptures just got placed in the collection of the Tate Modern, so that is already done. But placing works of your artists in any important institution is what gives the most rewarding feeling.

► 4.  What drinks are you serving at an exhibition opening?

There are always 2 parts of the opening . The vernissage, where we serve beer and water (we’re not a bar and the opening is not supposed to be a party), followed by the afterparty …. here we serve what your heart desires … and water if specially asked for.


► 5.  The coolest event you ever hosted?

Seriously I think we already hosted a few fun events …. our afterparties are also always quite popular and go until very late … may it be in my private apartment  or elsewhere. But it’s not only events, but our shows in general, where we do not hesitate to turn the gallery space into a fully yellow covered space or as  now with Austrian artist Marianne Vlaschits where we turned the gallery space into a feminist spaceship.

► 6.  What is the dress code for the staff?

Well if we would have a dress code, it would be all blue. But I don’t do that. Everybody can wear what they want. My team not only has a great sense for art, but also for fashion, so I don’t have to set any rules here.

► 7.  Does hot staff help selling better?

In a bar yes, in a gallery not necessarily, but exceptions are the rule, right?!

► 8.  Most used apps or websites used daily by the gallery?

Instagram, Facebook, Genius Scan (for scanning you know) and all kinds of art-news pages …. and of course TheArtGorgeous and TheArtGent. 😉

► 9.  Compare the gallery to a brand – which one would it be?

Seriously … don’t laugh, but there is no comparison to DUVE Berlin.

► 10. Send us one image (can be anything from your prettiest staff to an artwork you want to sell)

Here you go: installation shot MARGUERITE HUMEAU. *FoxP2* at Palais de Tokyo, June 2016.

DUVE Berlin http://www.duveberlin.com/
Images via Alexander Duve, Maxime Ballesteros, Saskia Uppenkamp

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Curator – Public Programmes
Whitechapel Gallery - London, UK
Research Associate, Krasner & Pollock Exhibition
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, USA
Artist Liaison
Art Works Gallery & Advisory - Singapore
Artist Manager
Karimah Ashadu - Germany