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The Very Honest Gallerist
Sotiris Sotiriou | COMA Gallery, Sydney
People 02 Nov 2016


Describe your gallery in one sentence for an art world newbie.

A new contemporary art gallery aiming to bring international works by artists at all career levels into the Australasian market.


► 2. Most gorgeous artist in your gallery program?

Ry David Bradley is a very gorgeous artist. His work is an investigation into painting in the 21st century, current technologies and the digital world. He has recently opened a variety of solo shows in Europe and will be exhibiting with COMA in December, 2016. The year after that is looking to be a very busy one for Ry.

► 3. Whom would you love to sell an artwork to?

There are always many fantastic institutions and individuals we would love to work with, although if we were to choose now, it would have to be either the M WOODS Museum or the Julia Stoschek Collection.


► 4. What drinks are you serving at an exhibition opening? 

Wine wine wine wine.


► 5. The coolest event you ever hosted?

(Probably) by the time this is printed we would have only just launched COMA, so the coolest event would have to be our opening night.


► 6.  What is the dress code for the staff? 

Smart casual, leaning towards smart. We’re smart you know?


► 7. What are the most hated/loved jobs of your interns?

Databasing seems to be a universally hated job. Assisting with programming and planning upcoming shows is always popular.


► 8.  Does hot staff help selling better? 

People like to avoid this question don’t they?


► 9.  Most used apps or websites used daily by the gallery? 

Instagram, Contemporary Art Daily, Artsy, Pages for Facebook, Trello, Skype.


► 10.  Compare the gallery to a brand – which one would it be?

This is a tough one. It would be nice to be an art world version of ACNE, but COMA is still a newborn so who knows?!


► 11. Send us one image (can be anything from your prettiest staff to an artwork you want to sell)

We have sent you an image of a piece by young London based artist Jon Pilkington. It is a large artwork called ‘Beverley’s’, inspired by a recent trip to New York for a solo show he had opened there.


► 12. How many works did you sell via an instagram post?

That is a secret, sorry girls.

► 13. Best lunch spot for a client meeting?

The Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney has one of the nicest terraces in the world. We say this without bias, it is objectively beautiful and a stunning place to meet anyone for lunch.

COMA Gallery www.comagallery.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/comagallery/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/comagallery/

Images via Sotiris Sotiriou

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Curator – Public Programmes
Whitechapel Gallery - London, UK
Research Associate, Krasner & Pollock Exhibition
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, USA
Artist Liaison
Art Works Gallery & Advisory - Singapore
Artist Manager
Karimah Ashadu - Germany