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TheArtGent: Sean Rogg on AI, Thailand and Tataki Salmon
Ready for Wonderfruit festival?
Men Crush 10 Dec 2018

On December 16th 2018, in the heart of Thailand’s rural Chonburi Province for Wonderfruit Festival, the Waldorf Project will attempt the world’s largest experiment in empathy engineering. Utilizing their algorithmic methods and bespoke technology to merge a group of strangers into a connected organism. In other words the Waldorf Project is a radical immersive experience on a grand stage in which art is consumed through all of the senses.
Now for the first time the Waldorf Project will move from an audience of 40 to 5000. The daring experiment in consciousness transformation will be the largest experiment of its kind the world has ever seen.
We chatted with the artistic director, Sean Rogg behind the impressive art piece that uses AI to help choreograph a huge theatrical masterpiece to find out what makes him tick.
Image result for the waldorf project wonderfruit
My signature outfit …
Japanese denim, and sneakers that aren’t being instagrammed
I would never wear… 
A suit (unless someone has died or is getting married)
My spirit animal is …
A wolf (a fat one)
Number of unanswered mails in my account today…
I never leave the house without…
Music in my ears
On a plane I normally…
Drink, eat, watch crappy TV and attempt to have unrewarding sleep. But in the middle of all that I always look at the clouds out the window think how amazing it is the I am above them.
My last 3 played songs were …
Come let us – Mark Pritchard
The Forest  – Dead Can Dance
Tomorrow (Apparat Remix)Ladytron
My 5 dream guests for a dinner party would be …
Howard Stern
Joan Rivers
Don Rickles
Robert Anton Wilson
Eddie Murphy
What’s on for dinner tonight…
My experimental approach to tataki salmon that pisses off my Japanese friends because it’s a non-traditional way of doing it but they all secretly love it!
In the art world, I currently find most exciting that…
I’m actually more inspired by creative minds outside of the of the art world these days, like experimental theatre creators, alternative scientists, and in my research even some insane psychonauts and futurologists.
My daily art read is…
I don’t read about art, I try experience it.
In my bedroom I have an artwork by…
Gilbert and George
My top three arty cities are …
London, Paris (Palais de Tokyo only) Berlin for all the crazy shit I always find
My favourite art-world ladies are…
Cindy Sherman, Cornelia Parker, Rachel whiteread and Mariko Mori
Curious to find out more? Join in for this groundbreaking experience on the fields for Wonderfruit or head to the Waldorf Project website.

Interview by Peigi Mackillop

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