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These Artworks Will Relax You When Anxiety Kicks In
Art to help you chill!
Beauty & Wellness 26 Nov 2020

It’s been a very strange year and if you haven’t felt at least a little bit anxious on more than one occasion then we’d probably be concerned. During these strange times it can be difficult not to feel down, but that’s why we’re here! To help you feel better when times are tough. Here are some of our favourite artworks to relax you when you’re feeling anxious. Ready? Breathe! 

Flaming June, Lord Leighton

Image via @gio.contiguglia94

Let’s start with a classic, shall we? This nineteenth-century painting by Lord Leighton is a classic for a reason. The woman looks so relaxed that we are a little bit envious of her. The classical lady is said to allude to sleeping nymphs and naiads and, whoever she is, she certainly looks at peace. 

Parakeets Of India, Elisabeth Deane

Image via @elisadeane

Isn’t this sweet? There is something about interacting with animals that always makes us feel a little bit better about our place in the world. This miniature by Elisabeth Deane is beautiful, and we also love that the woman at the centre of it is smiling, too.

Detached, Asim Abdul Aziz 

Image via @arsheef.yemen

There is something so gorgeously hopeful about this image by Asim Abdul Aziz. Yes, the two figures are separated, but they are reaching out to each other. The perfect display of love, solidarity and care during uncertain times. 

Untitled, Hiba Schahbaz 

Image via @hiba_schahbaz

This gorgeous number from Hiba Schahbaz embodies everything we want to be. Surrounded by flowers, horizontal and completely undisturbed, protected by a cloud of something lovely? Yes, please! When you look up “relaxed” in the dictionary, this is what you expect to see!

Sky Horse, Hana Shahnavaz

Image via @hana.shahnavaz

There is something super magical about Hana Shahnavaz’s sky horse. The gorgeous blue animal twinkles as it assures us of better times ahead. The work has been painted in lapis lazuli, a mineral used since ancient times which is associated with stimulating the energy centres within us that help us to connect with higher consciousness. 

Floralia 1, Alessandro Twombly

Image via @tristanhoare

Many art girls are obsessed with Cy Twombly, but did you know he has a son? We’re here to introduce you to your next obsession! Alessandro’s work is similar to that of his father, but unique nevertheless. We just love these flowers, the perfect thing to put a smile on our faces when we’re feeling a bit down. 

Espero Que Ya Le Dijiste A Tu Madre De Nosotras, Tiffany Alfonseca

Image via @tiffanyalfonseca

This painting by Tiffany Alfonseca is super dreamy. It’s probably where most of us would rather be right now, resting safe in the warmth of our loved one. Divine! 

Hand, Paolo Colombo

Image via @paolocolomboathens

The seeming simplicity of this work by Paolo Colombo is enough to put us completely at ease. If you look closely, there are more than 35,000 squares in this dreamy work. There is something mystical, yet reassuringly about it. Exactly what we need. 

The Dance Of Life, Cassi Namoda

Image via @cas_amandaa

Sometimes we just need to move a little bit to make everything feel alright. Dance is both a great stress reliever and a way to have fun. Unfortunately, the dance floor is closed to most of us right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dance around inside our bedrooms. This dreamy work of couples embracing as they dance by Cassi Namoda is making us feel a little warmer on the inside. 

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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