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Things to do over the Easter holidays during lockdown
This Easter weekend probably isn’t going to be the best bank holiday you’ll ever have.
Beauty & Wellness 09 Apr 2020

Image via siduations Instagram

Image via @siduations Instagram 

Let’s be honest, this Easter weekend probably isn’t going to be the best bank holiday you’ll ever have, but – there’s still hope. Just because lockdown means we won’t be able to take a gallery hopping weekend trip to Paris or spend the weekend hanging out with your pals, there’s still plenty of fun things you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Check out our list of things to do without leaving the front door below.

Check out a virtual exhibition
Several artists aren’t letting coronavirus ruin their gallery launch –  instead giving their fans a virtual tour of their galleries. As part of Artsy’s #ArtKeepsGoing campaign, they are exploring shows that have been impacted by art spaces going dark. Each week, they are featuring five gallery exhibitions that you can access via Artsy, with insights from the artists. Find out more here.

Take a tour of a museum
Fortunately, the digital age has made it possible—easy, even—to visit some of the world’s most famous museums while you are at home social distancing from the outside world. While it’s hard to beat the experience of seeing a seminal piece of fine art or important historical artefact with your own two eyes, many of the world’s top museums have released works from their collections online and have used technological advancements to offer virtual tours of their premises. Click here to find some of the best digital initiatives to satisfy your creative cravings.

Coo at some cute animals at the zoo
Had your dose of art galleries and museums by now? Thanks to Google 3D and zoos around the world wild animals are ‘entering’ people’s homes. Find out how you can interact with animals from your sofa here.

Jeff Koons Rabbit

Jeff Koons Rabbit via harpersbazaar

Get Crafty!
Time to step away from the screen and get crafty. Don’t know where to begin? Find our fun ideas of things to make with your own two hands here.

Create a virtual arty quiz for your friends and family
Virtual quizzes have become the new way to have fun on a Saturday night. Plan one for the bank holiday and invite all your best friends to join you on a video app of your choice, BYOB and battle it out.

Start a new show on Netflix 
During the day open those windows up wide and enjoy the sunshine and when evening rolls in why not start a new Netflix show? Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a blanket and make some popcorn. If you have binged The Tiger King why not give the other new addictive Netflix show Unorthodox a go, which has been hailed as the “best series ever”. Don’t trust us? It currently boasts a whopping 95% ‘fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Create your own Quarantini cocktail
Yup bars are closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself a damn good cocktail at home. It is a long weekend after all! What’s a quarantini you may ask? That depends on what’s in your pantry. Need some inspiration? The Philadelphia Inquirer have some great ideas using ingredients you probably have in your kitchen at home.  And if you come up with an amazing new invention, please do share it with us!


Image via Sarashakeel Instagram

Have a Tik Tok Marathon 
If haven’t heard of Tik Tok yet are you sure you have not been living under a rock for the past couple of months? If you are like myself and too afraid to download the app, let alone learn one of the dances but are curious…then follow British Instagrammer Tom Prior. Every Sunday he shares a selection of his favorite Tik Tok videos to his followers which will help you get your weekly dose. You can find his Instagram account here. 

And if you don’t fancy doing any of those activities or you managed to complete all of them – then why not join in on the craze of baking a banana bread!

Text by Peigi Mackillop

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