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This show includes crying tik toks + queer intimacy
Online gallery Purslane was born out of a desire to change the way in which the art market functions...
Art Stuff 12 Aug 2021
Work by Casper White

Purslane, one of London’s go-to spaces for emerging contemporary art, is hosting an exhibition titled Ambrosia. The digital group exhibition brings together 12 exciting rising contemporary artists in aid of the charity Mermaids.

Available to the public to view online now until the 2nd September, this exhibition celebrates the best rising talent in contemporary visual art, and explores themes of queer intimacy, loneliness, isolation and contemplation. 25% of all sales will be donated to the charity Mermaids, who help gender-diverse kids, young people and their families by reducing isolation and loneliness, and improving awareness and understanding. The works on offer are an accessible opportunity for young collectors to begin an art collection and decorate their homes. Prices range from £120 up to £3,260.

‘Where is her reflection II’- Aline Alagem

Ambrosia include works from 12 globally dispersed yet digitally reunited artists. The exhibition includes crying TikToker portraits by Casper White, BP Travel Award Winner. Casper’s captivating depictions represent subcultures, often youth-related, that are not traditionally recorded in portrait paintings like a person losing themselves dancing to a DJ in a nightclub. Other artists include Cecilia Reeve, Bobbye Fermie, Eleanor Watson, Jade Ching-yuk Ng, Lidia Martin, Aline Alagem, Lydia Merrett, Joana Galego, Salome Wu, Beatrice Hasell-McCosh, Casper White and Katy Papineau. 

‘In reflection’- Cecila Reeve

Ambrosia, the elixir of the Gods, and the mythology of Mermaids are coupled in the running theme of liquid substances. Liquid is depicted in many forms, from tears, rain, a bath, a swimming pool, lake, an ice capped ocean, bubbles, and the deep sea. Curated by Purslane’s founder Charlie Siddick, the evocative selection of artworks offer a gallery of vignettes of fluidity, tenderness and love in all its forms.

‘Guillaume In The Swimming Pool’- Aline Alagem

Purslane was born out of a desire to change the way in which the art market functions. Founded by model and activist Charlie Siddick in 2020 during the pandemic, Charlie initially set up Purslane in direct response to the BLM movement. Being of mixed-race heritage, watching the distressing imagery and footage unfolding in the US whilst being in lockdown, unable to protest, encouraged her to set up a fundraiser for the Stephen Lawrence Trust. She originally intended for it to be a single pop-up show, but was overwhelmed by the response, both from artists wanting to contribute and buyers looking to collect work from emerging artists so she decided to continue on full-time. Collectors include Jodie Comer and India Rose. Now, a year later, Charlie is dedicated to supporting young artistic talent whilst redirecting profits to meaningful philanthropic causes. Charlie was shocked to discover that the most an artist receives when selling work through a gallery is 50%, often as little as 20%. This distribution may have little effect on the livelihood of well-established artists but it can be crippling for young, emerging artists- damaging their creative process and feelings of self-worth. Purslane functions as an online platform that is centred around promoting young artistic talent whilst raising funds for different philanthropic causes. The aim is to provide an accessible, simple and beautiful space for new and existing collectors to get inspired and excited by art. Purslane aims to raise £50,000 for charitable causes in 2022.

Founder Charlie Siddick

Charlie Siddick, Founder of Purslane said about the exhibition : “I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of ‘Ambrosia’ a sweet, delectable and intoxicating tonic that the Greek gods and goddesses consumed for longevity and immortality purposes. It seems to me that art possesses similar qualities; often outliving the artist that created it but also, as a viewer the visual consumption of artwork can have a fortifying and edifying effect.  The group of artists contributing are some of the most exciting emerging artists around, this July marks Purslane’s one year anniversary, so we’re very happy to be showing new works by our loyal audiences, most beloved artists. We at Purslane are passionate about supporting LGBTQ+ communities throughout the year, so we’re very happy to be fundraising for ‘Mermaids’ a charity that supports transgender, nonbinary and gender diverse young children, young people and their families.”

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