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Our Weekly Digest via Arty'Grams
From Girl Gaze to Dr. Seuss Inspired Sofas
Entertainment 04 Nov 2018

The last week brought us a heaping avalanche of big moods. A cold front sweeps over Europe; a far-right neo-Nazi was elected President of Brazil and an airplane crashed in Indonesia.
Heavy stuff, but it’s not all bad news.
It might not make headlines every day, but the world is filled with beautiful, creative people expressing their souls through art. In that spirit, this week’s art world Instagram report brings you art that’ll cheer you up and maybe even restore your faith in humanity.


I’d love to grab coffee with you this week, but maybe we could frolic in a forest naked instead?
There’s more where that came from on Dominoe Farris’ IG

A different kind of girl gaze

43093738_132878487679150_876159905699773389_n (1)
Susan Worsham turns her lens on a piece of America whose beauty few people get to see. Inspired by her childhood memories in Virginia, she captures the people and places of so-called Middle America: a family at Salvation Army in Pennsylvania, an old woman delivering wedding gifts, a tattered red couch with an equally worn copy of American Rose Annual, 1947.
Her subjects might be a far cry from your typical pale pink selfie feminism, but her hazy aesthetic definitely links her with the big girlgaze artists. And ultimately, her goal is the same: capturing the beauty of the world from her perspective and sharing it with others.

Leading lady

Imagine that James Bond was a black woman. Maybe we don’t want to admit it, but it’s difficult, takes a stretch of the imagination.
In The Leading Man photo series, artist and self-proclaimed radical storyteller Ari Fitz channels the freedom and vulnerability that leading men get to embody. When James Bond shows the audience all the different parts of himself—kind and moody, sexy and powerful, strong and vulnerable—he is adored. But when a black woman like herself tries to show all the different parts of herself, “folks get confused or weirded out,” Fitz wrote in an IG caption.
Well, she’s here to change that. Ari for the next James Bond!

Snuggle up

Thinking your room needs an upgrade but don’t know what to get? Uzumaki Cepeda has the answer: fuzz. Yep, you read that right, fuzz. The textile artist makes furniture, accessories, and a whole bunch of other stuff that looks straight outta Dr. Seuss.
Fact: it’s scientifically impossible to be sad when you’re sitting in a giant, orange fuzzy chair. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.
Or, get some interior design inspo from classical paintings…


Australian artist Minna Gilligan takes collaging to the next level. Her bright, funky designs bleed over into her personal style, and from what we can tell from her IG, her whole life philosophy. Who doesn’t need a little more color in their lives?

Text by Katya Lopatko
Photos via @dominoefarris, @forminflux, @itsarifitz, @uzumaki.gallery, @minnagilligan

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C. Stuart and Jane H. Hunt Art Gallery - Buffalo, NY, USA