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This Woman Rocks LA’s Art Scene – As A Single Mom
Learn how Nausicaa is rocking the art world
Feature 03 Apr 2020

Nausicaa founded The Cool HeART at LA’s Sofitel Hotel less than a year ago. As one of Los Angeles’s hottest gallery destinations, it presents contemporary artists from all over the world, with the vision of making art accessible for everyone no matter their background or social status. The Art Gorgeous spoke to Nausicaa about her vision, her journey to establishing The Cool HeART and rocking the art world as a single mom. 


How did you come up with the idea to establish The Cool HeART?

I was always into art, growing up in a classical environment, playing piano and cello. I went to the Sorbonne university studying musicology and art history. When I arrived in LA 5 years ago, I had the opportunity to work for an art gallery and that was definitely a turning point in my life . Organizing shows, curating artists, doing the sales…So a year ago I decided to open my own gallery, I had my own vision. I curated contemporary artists, street art, pop art and abstract art. For me it is essential to have a group show representing all those different artists, and to give a voice to female artists too.

How do you select your artists?

Technique for me is key, I really want to have an artist that catches my eye with their own process. When I was introduced to Tiffanie Anderson’s work years ago, I was blown away with her style and technique. She has her own style of painting portraits , and then she had broken glass, navre and resin . I had never seen anything like this at the. That excitement that I got, knowing she will grow and become that incredible artist that she is. This is what I am looking for in an artist. 

Brandon Deener is also an emerging artist that I have been working with for a while. I was his first gallery. He is a realistic painter with his own touch . To be able to show his work is great, his style is unique. We had an origami series by him that was incredible, and for this show he painted Madonna ‘s Magazine Cover from the nineties.

Each artist has their own code, and techniques. It is a blessing to be able to give them a platform.


Did you have any mentors along the way?

I definitely  had a mentor, I learned so much when I worked with the previous gallery, and I had that drive to learn more and more to grow and experience.  I have that relationship that is so strong , I would call or ask for advice if needed . It was so great to see him at the show.  

Damon Dash is also such an inspiration. Always pushing my limits, he is so supportive . He is so creative and such a hustler! He is definitely an experienced businessman I would go to for advice.

You’re a mom, how do you manage work and family life? 

That’s a really realistic question. I don’t even know myself how I manage both sides, work and family! It gets so crazy at times! I am blessed to have 2 beautiful children, 10 & 11 years old now.

They have school, activities, homework…and I micromanage everything.  I am there for school pick up, driving them to activities, cooking for them. It is a choice to be there and have that normal family life . I definitely have pretty long days, as I would pop back to work once my children are in bed as there is a lot of office work to do, e-mails, shipping, that is way less glamorous than the artworks themselves!

They are my drive, my everything, so I want to make sure I don’t miss anything, especially being a single mom, I want to be there for them. They often go to meetings with me after school, they go to artist ateliers with me too, helping me to choose paintings, they have such an eye already! 


Are there any women in the art world you look up to?

Yes of course there are many, more and more, it is so great to see their work, and becoming so strong and being recognized in the art scene. I do myself curate female artists at The Cool HeART, so it is definitely important for me to work with women , and to be a platform for them. Women have to open their mind, help each other grow. 2020 is a turning point in my life as a woman. I want to stand up for women, give back to women in the community. This year The Cool HeART will go to female prisons and have an art atelier. I am so excited about that.

What advice would you give to young women artists wanting to break into the art world?

I would say consistency. Work ethic, paint, paint and paint. Experience your technique, find your own style, and make a whole series. I often get emails from artists that have just started,

and I am so proud of them. It is not easy to go to a gallery and be a judge for your work. So I always want them to understand they are in the right direction, they love painting , they can’t spend a day without painting, they are so passionate about it. Then it’s consistency .


What are your plans and hopes for the future?

Do more shows, do more for women. I would love to collaborate with foundations too. Have artists in auctions, dream big! The list is long!!

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