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These Are The New Terms You Need In A Post-Covid Art World
From “Crypto” to “Unmute Yourself”
Arty-Pedia 08 Jun 2021

It feels like we say this every five minutes, but we’ll say it again: the art world is forever changed. All things covid aside, we are all operating in different ways nowadays and that has as much to do with technology as it does to a certain pandemic. Need a crash course on the new lingo? Can’t differentiate your crypto from your Ethereum? Don’t you worry! Here’s all the new terminology you need in a post covid art world!


2020 was the year that the art world fully embraced technology and 2021 is the year where we’re taking that to the next level, using it to make art, but also to improve financial transactions. Blockchain is basically a method of recording information in a way that it is impossible to alter later. So really, there are a lot of perks to this new mode of operation. 

Booking System

Spontaneity has well and truly been thrown out of the window. If you want to go to a gallery, it’s more than likely that you’re going to have to enter your details into some kind of booking system. We hope you don’t mind filling in forms!


The new app of choice for the art set. Despite the fact that we secretly hate it, everyone’s on it. The clubhouse is no longer the A-list club that you’re dying to get into, but an app where everyone loves to listen to the sound of their own voice.


Cryptocurrencies are the go to currencies these days. They work using blockchain technology (see above) and are becoming increasingly popular in the art world. 


Decentraland is a platform based off of the Ethereum blockchain (see blow), where users can purchase, build and monetize virtual reality applications. It’s gaining popularity with the art crowd so you’ll be sure to be hearing more about it soon.


Not to be confused with Ether. Ethereum is a decentralised open-source blockchain and is fast gaining popularity. Ether meanwhile, is native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum platform and is the new currency of choice for the art world, especially those interested in the subversive NFTs. 


Thought mints were something you ate when you wanted to get fresh breath? Think again! If you really want to be with the times, you need to mint your art work now. See below entry for NFTs. 


NFTs look like they’re here to stay. But what are they exactly? Well, they’re kind of like a digital file that cannot be replicated. When they are created, they are said to have been “minted.” What you really need to know however, is that they’re bringing in serious cash so you might want to look into it.

Unmute Yourself

How often are you in a dreaded Zoom conference and realise that nobody can hear what you just said. Super annoying right? Unmute yourself is basically the catchphrase for 2021. 

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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