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Tiffany Cooper Is The Super Fun Illustrator You Need To Know
Her career kicked off after being spotted by Sarah Andelman
Art Girls Jungle 26 Oct 2020

Tiffany Cooper became an artist by accident after she started a blog while on the job hunt. Fast forward in time, she’s collaborated with Evian, Uniqlo and Karl Lagerfeld (!!!) On top of that, she wrote a book about her experience becoming a mom. And most importantly, her illustrations are super relatable and super fun – and let’s face it, we could all do with some fun in our lives. So, we sat down with Tiffany to learn more about her work.

Tiffany Cooper by Céci magazine in Korea

When did you first start illustrating?

I have been drawing since I was very little, 3 or 4 years old. I remember I was drawing on the floor in my living room during the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco… I was 4 !!

You worked in a gallery and in fashion before starting your blog, what gave you the confidence to take this step?

I started illustration as a hobby when I was in between jobs… It was never a career choice! At the time, I wanted to keep busy in a fun way, while I was looking for a « real » job. But my blog became a book that was then noticed by Sarah Andelman at colette. I was then approached by an agent and got my first job as an illustrator : I had to draw 8 pages of comics for a French magazine called Voici. That’s when it hit me: « If I play it right, I could actually make a living out of this!! ». And well, it’s been 10 years now!!


Where do you get your inspiration from?

From everywhere and from everything! Mainly from my personal life, what’s going on in the world, from social media and also from reading the press, reading books, watching series, movies, going to exhibitions etc.

You’ve worked with some super cool brands, what has been your favourite project?

Working for Karl Lagerfeld was my top experience. I got to meet him, have a portrait made by him, I got to travel to Japan to promote our collaboration, tell my humorous vision of his life with his approval… I had so much fun!! It was a dream come true!!!

Karl Lagerfeld windows by Tiffany Cooper

Last year you wrote a book about becoming a mother, how has becoming a mom impacted on your work?

I definitely want to do more kids related things now : books, clothing, toys… I am currently working on an animated series project for kids!!

Also, my priorities have changed: my son comes first, then work. Not the other way around.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your work?

We’ve never more needed to laugh, no? So it’s quite cathartic for me to express all these conflicted feelings we’re having nowadays: sadness, anguish, fear, despair… and transform them into laughter.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to express myself and to be able to bring a little joy in some people’s lives.

Vans x Tiffany Cooper

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I REALLY hope a vaccine will quickly be found for this virus. I hope we can soon all be together without fear and enjoy life to its fullest. I also hope this will change a few things in people’s behaviours : personally, I have become way more careful about being ecological : I decided I would travel by plane way less, I do compost, I use a green energy called Enercoop, I try to buy second hand clothes instead of new, I eat less meat… I want my son to have a happy life on a not too damaged plant if possible!! I also hope there will be more gender equality. And on a lighter, more manageable note: to keep having fun in my work!

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