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Tips For Beating Digital Burnout
When all those viewing rooms become a bit too much
Art x Tech 05 Oct 2020

2020 has gone totally digital, and while in many ways it is amazing, we are all in very real danger of suffering from digital burnout – if we haven’t burnt out already that is! With all the zoom calls, viewing rooms and online lectures, we just can’t catch a break. Our eyes are tired, our brains are fried and we’re not sure what day it is anymore. So, how can we beat this digital induced brain-drain?! Well my friends, let me tell you!

Get Outside


I know it’s hard to leave the house these days as we are all so restricted. However, if you can get out each day for a ten minute walk, please do so. Most importantly, leave your phone at home while you do it. The fresh air will help clear your mind, and give your eyes a much needed break from those screens.

Arrange Phone Calls Over Zoom Calls


2020 is all about the zoom call, but phone calls are still a thing too. If you’ve really had enough of your screen, why not schedule your next meeting as a phone call instead? Not only will you get a break from the screen, you’re less likely to be distracted by how you look during the chat.  

Adopt A Schedule


We have working hours for a reason. While it is all too easy to check our emails early in the morning, in the evenings AND on the weekends, don’t. Firstly, you deserve a break. And secondly – and perhaps most importantly – by doing this extra work during your free time you are showing your boss that you are happy to do so. Unless you want to be taken advantage of, be kind to yourself. 

Get Rid Of The Apps You Don’t Need


Yes, apps are super useful during this time, but we all have way too many. Have a clear out and focus on the apps you really need. If one particular form of social media is making you unhappy or stressing you out, delete! We don’t need any more negativity in our lives!

Try Activities That Don’t Involve A Screen


The rise of online exercise classes, talks and other activities during this period have been great, but in reality, they just cause us to use our devices even more than normal. Why not take some time out of your week to do something offline? Bake a cake from a recipe book, go to an exercise class (if you can), do some drawing. You’ll feel so much better!

Take At Least One Day Off A Week


Are you glued to your phone and your laptop, even on the weekend? To be honest, most of us are. However, weekends are for relaxing. So, if your phone is making you stressed, please turn it off once in a while. Whatever it is can wait, I promise!

Leave Those Devices In Another Room While You Sleep


How many of us have one last cheeky check of Instagram before we turn out the light to sleep? Probably the vast majority. But let’s be honest, that two minute check often turns into twenty minutes, and sometimes even an hour. That blue light before bedtime is super bad for us. Some separation between yourself and your iPhone will do you a whole load of good. It’ll also help you sleep better too!

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