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Tips For Surviving Art Fair Season
Because Frieze is coming…
Art Stuff 05 Mar 2024

Hands up if you’ve ever experienced art fair burn out?! That’s right, we all have! Sure, art fairs are fun. All of your favourite artworks and art girls are all in one space. But art fairs can also be seriously hectic. All that socialising, negotiating and partying can really take its toll. Luckily, we have a few quick tips to make this art fair season a little easier for you.
Get Plenty Of Zzzzz

In the weeks leading up to art fair madness, take it easy. You are going to need your rest while you can get it. With breakfasts, dinners and parties, a good night’s sleep might be hard to come by, so bank your zzz while you can.
Have A Good Breakfast

Make sure you eat a decent meal in the morning before setting off to the fair. You may be there all day and not have time to eat properly, and parties are likely only to have drinks and canapés, leaving little time for dinner. A good breakfast will keep you going throughout the day.

Always carry a bottle of water with you. Art fair season is busy and water is your best friend. It will revive you when you are tired, and keep you going when you feel like you are about to collapse. Trust me, water is a girl’s best friend.
Pre-Prepare Your Outfits

Art fairs are basically fashion shows. Everyone will be looking their best, trying to seduce gallerists, artists and journalists, while also trying to get that perfect pic for the gram. It’s an idea to pre-plan your outfits before the fairs kick off, that way you will be relaxed about your glam before you even get there.
Make A Plan

Fair season is busy, and it’s easy to get side-tracked. Yes, you may really want to see the Gagosian booth, but are there meetings to be had? Make a list of everything you need to do and stick to it. Art fairs are time for business as well as for parties, so put the research in before you attend.
Make Sure Your Handbag Is Organised
Your purse is not just a cute accessory, you need to make sure it has the essentials too: business cards, water, a make-up bag, wallet and pen and notebook.
Text by Lizzy Vartanian
Images via @naughtynoughties @the.noughties @glossyangelic

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