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The Top Art Podcasts You Should Be Listening To
For filling that silence before drifting off to sleep after a long day of bossing the art world
Art Stuff 07 Nov 2019

01 top art_theartgorgeous
So, art girls, we’ve all got a commute, we’ve all got a dull half hour on the treadmill, we’ve all got silence before drifting off to sleep after a long day of bossing the art world… I know we all need some ace art podcasts to fill the silences. Here are our top art podcasts for you. Let us know your favourites!

Perfect for if you’re just starting out or thinking about your career in the art world:
Think Like an Art World Expert Podcast

02 top art_theartgorgeous

Featuring CEOs of digital art platforms, artist agencies, artist assistants, artists, collectors, studio managers and more, ‘Think like an art world expert’ from Christie’s Education gives its listeners a fantastic and in-depth look into the possibilities the art world has to offer. This podcast has been brilliant so far, and has just launched its new series, so get listening! Packed full of information, ideas and insider knowledge, Glenn Hardwick Bruce’s kind manner really draws you in. Perfect length of a podcast too.
Perfect for fem-powered days (everyday):
The Great Women Artists Podcast
03 top art_theartgorgeous
Wonder woman Katy Hessel only launched her podcast in September and is already recording her 6th episode! These weekly insights into the Great Women Artists are a fascinating journey through past and present. Katy interviews women who have been bossing it in the art world and finds out which female artist has meant the most to them. You’re sure to walk away learning a thing or two – and we love that this conversation is being kept alive.
Perfect for if you know a thing or two already:
TalkART Podcast

Talk ART is fantastic: relaxed and easy interviews, and lots of them exclusive to these boys! We love the ways the two best friends chat to their guests and make them so comfortable while still discussing the artists and artwork in depth. We would definitely recommend talkArt – keep an ear out for those celebrity guest appearences…
Perfect for discussions and new understanding:
Artfully Podcast
05 top art_theartgorgeous
We’ve spoken about these ladies before: Artfully is a great podcast for those relaxed moods. You’ll hear a lot, learn a lot and be left pondering. Elizabeth and Jessie really pull it out of the bag every episode, with new and exciting ideas. Catch their recent discussion of Anselm Keifer!
Perfect for getting lost in:
Art Curious Podcast
06 top art_theartgorgeous
We love this podcast. As the bio says ‘Think art history is boring? Think again’. This is truly a podcast experience to forget about everything else! The fascinating stories from the history of art from true crime stories, forgeries, theft and even murder…. Perfect for that long commute!
Photo via listennotes.com

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