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Turning Trophies of Modern Society in Clay?
Jake Clark is your man.
Men Crush 29 Oct 2018

Artist, Melbourne
Meet Jake Clark, a Melbourne based graffiti artist who uses a variety of materials to subversively depict iconic pop culture characters and landmark destinations. Best known for his Richie Rich and Sultan characters, Jake centers his work around the themes of money, power, and capitalism, with inspiration also coming from his frequent travels to LA, London, and Dubai.
We chatted to Jake to find out more, from what his go-to outfit is to who his favourite art-world ladies are.
Instagram: @jakeclarkjakeclark
My signature outfit… Chrome Hearts t-shirt, dark chinos, and Tom Sachs Nike shoes
I would never wear… Preppy clothes
The number of unanswered emails in your account today… 2,481
My favourite travel device is… my iPad
On a plane, I normally spend my time… sleeping and trying to get the in-flight wi-fi working
Top 3 songs on my headphone… feel the love Kid Cudi, drake non-stop and sicko mode Travis Scott
In the gym, I… don’t get around to going nearly as often as I should
What’s on for dinner… probably sushi at this spot near my house
My necessary extravagance is... my sneakers, I love new shoes
If I could host a party for anyone it would be… Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld
In the art world currently, I find most exciting that… sculptures, especially clay, seem to be becoming so big and you are really seeing it everywhere which is great
My daily art read is… the Art Almanac, which has everything for upcoming and current exhibitions on to up and coming artists
In my bedroom, I have an artwork by… Jesse Edwards one of my favorite artists from NYC
The most arty city is… Los Angeles for all the galleries and museums there is so much to be seen there and it’s always evolving.
My favorite art-world ladies are… Ruby Neri, I love her sculptures they are amazing and I also really like Gina Beaver’s paintings, as well as Ann Cravens birds and moon paintings

You can find Jake’s work in the flesh @harpersbooks East Hampton in New York or at @eagletta Studios in London this autumn.
You can also see more of Jake’s work over on his website here – www.jcrich.com.au
All images via Jake Clarke
Interview by Cordelia Noe
Text by Jake Clark and Peigi Mackillop


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