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Unmasking the ‘Lazy Girl Job’ Revolution
This summer, this 'anti-work' mindset has taken the form of ‘Lazy Girl' jobs.
Career 29 Aug 2023
Lazy girl jobs Gabrielle Judge
The new “lazy girl job” trend has been widely shared on TikTok. 
Gabrielle Judge/TikTok

Let’s dive into the “lazy girl job” trend, the TikTok sensation that’s shaking up the work world, that could be the art world’s new palette of work-life balance! Gabrielle Judge, the brains behind this movement, is all about fewer hours, remote work, and comfy salaries. It’s a rebellion against the old grind, especially among women, in the age of the ‘Great Resignation’. Forget the notion that more hours mean more success!

Gabrielle Judge’s inspiration for this concept came from her own experiences with overwork, which led her to question the traditional notions of success. She advocates for a shift toward sustainable wages, flexible work conditions, and, most importantly, a focus on mental health, sounds great right?!

In the context of the art world, these “lazy girl jobs” would encompass roles that offer safety, the option for remote or hybrid work, a comfortable income, and, crucially, a healthy work-life balance. The term “lazy” in this context is meant humorously but underscores the contrast with conventional expectations within the art industry. Experts in the art world could begin to acknowledge this trend as a rejection of the relentless hustle culture that has long characterized the field, sparking conversations about redefining the meaning of success in art.

Gabrielle runs a Lazy Girl Job Program to help women find a flexible and well-paid job
Credit: TikTok/gabrielle_judge

Ultimately, this movement is a catalyst for change in how art professionals could approach their careers. It encourages individuals to take control of their working lives, prioritize well-being, and redefine success on their terms, irrespective of traditional labels. The “lazy girl job” trend offers a fresh perspective on finding fulfillment and balance in the world of art.

Best Sleeping On Desk GIFs | Gfycat

On the flip side, the “lazy girl job” trend, while initially appealing, could also have negative implications. While it challenges the traditional work ethic and encourages individuals to seek undemanding, stress-free roles with flexible conditions, it might inadvertently perpetuate a systemic issue. These “lazy girl jobs,” with minimal responsibilities while initially appearing as an easy way to earn a living, can lead to dissatisfaction and even mental health issues. Additionally, the trend may hinder collective efforts to work less and improve work-life balance for all, as not everyone has the privilege of accessing these roles. Ultimately, addressing these issues requires structural shifts in work policies, such as working time reduction and universal basic income (UBI), rather than romanticizing unfulfilling work as a solution.

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