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Unveiling the 2024 Turner Prize Nominees
In the Turner Prize's 40th year, this shortlist proves that British artistic talent is as rich and v...
Art Stuff 30 Apr 2024

Named in honor of the renowned English painter J. M. W. Turner, the Turner Prize stands as a beacon of recognition for British visual artists. This prestigious accolade is bestowed biennially at Tate Britain, alternating with various venues beyond London.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the Turner Prize continues to showcase the dynamic landscape of British artistic talent, as affirmed by jury chairman Alex Farquharson, who hailed this year’s selection as a “fantastic shortlist of artists.” In a statement, Farquharson also said: “All four make work that is full of life. They show how contemporary art can fascinate, surprise and move us, and how it can speak powerfully of complex identities and memories, often through the subtlest of details. In the Turner Prize’s 40th year, this shortlist proves that British artistic talent is as rich and vibrant as ever.”

To mark its 40th year anniversary, the Turner Prize exhibition will be held at Tate Britain for the first time in six years! The nominated artists’ works will be unveiled at London’s Tate Britain gallery starting from September 25th. Each nominee will receive £10,000, while the ultimate laureate, to be unveiled on December 3rd, will be awarded £25,000.

In 2023, Jesse Darling emerged victorious among a pool of talented nominees including Ghislaine Leung, Rory Pilgrim, and Barbara Walker. Now, as the art world eagerly anticipates the 2024 Turner Prize, let’s take a glimpse into the contenders vying for this esteemed recognition.

This year’s shortlist features a diverse array of artists:

Pio Abad

Hailing from Manila, Abad’s solo exhibition “To Those Sitting in Darkness” at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford explores colonial history and personal experiences growing up in the Philippines. Through drawings, etchings, and sculptures, Abad confronts themes of imperialism, paying homage to Mark Twain’s critique of colonialism in his 1901 essay.

Jasleen Kaur

Kaur’s installation “Alter Altar” at Tramway, Glasgow, interweaves family photographs, mundane objects, and cultural references, offering a nuanced exploration of identity and heritage. With a background in examining popular Indian cinema, Kaur’s work intricately blends the personal and the universal.

Delaine Le Bas

Born in Worthing, Le Bas captivates with her exhibition “Incipit Vita Nova” at the Secession art institute in Vienna. Drawing inspiration from personal loss and the history of the Roma people, her painted fabrics and sculptural elements evoke a sense of resilience amidst turmoil.

Claudette Johnson

A native of Manchester, Johnson garners acclaim for her solo exhibitions “Presence” at the Courtauld Gallery in London and “Drawn Out” at Ortuzar Projects, New York. Through portraiture, Johnson captures the essence of black individuals with a striking use of line, color, and scale, earning recognition for her empathetic portrayal of her subjects.

As the Turner Prize enters its fourth decade, the 2024 shortlist underscores the enduring vitality and creativity within the British art scene. Each nominee brings forth a unique perspective, enriching the cultural tapestry and inspiring dialogue on contemporary issues. Who is your winner?

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