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Feature 19 Jan 2024

Welcome to the Friday Weekly Wrap-Up newsletter, where we explore the intersection of Art, Fashion, and Pop Art.

Louis Vuitton’s 2024 Men’s Fall-Winter Show: Pharrell’s Western Revival

Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Fall-Winter 2024 Show showcased an intriguing blend of American Western influences this week, with Pharrell adding a modern twist to cowboy-inspired styles and workwear elements, all while honoring the Maison’s rich heritage.

Kate Moss: A Half-Century of Timeless Style and Influence

Kate Moss, a timeless fashion icon, celebrated her 50th birthday this week, marking over three decades of being a trendsetter. From her iconic debut with photographer Corinne Day, embodying the 90s’ carefree spirit, to being immortalized in art by Lucian Freud and Marc Quinn, sung about by ex Pete Doherty – Kate Moss continues to captivate as a symbol of enduring allure.

The Artistic Alchemy of Marina Abramović’s Longevity Method Skincare Line

Marina Abramović Is Now Selling Skincare Products and Energy Pills
Products sold as part of the Abramovic Longevity Method. Image: © Marina Abramovic.

Marina Abramović has ventured into the world of skincare with her new Longevity Method product line. Collaborating with wellness expert Dr. Nonna Brenner, this line features hydrating face moisturizers, anti-allergy drops, immune boosters, and energy supplements. Inspired by diverse cultural traditions and ancient wisdom, these products integrate meditation, mindfulness, and natural remedies. With only 2,000 units of each product available, prices range from £99-£199.

2024’s Hottest Fashion Trend: Embracing the Mob Wife Look!

Scarface | "Regreso al futuro",...

Have you heard the buzz? The clean girl aesthetic is no longer in vogue. Embrace the allure of the mob wife style, as a fresh TikTok trend sweeps in for 2024. Transform yourself into a modern-day Carmela or Adriana Le Cerva from The Sopranos, channeling Scarface’s Elvira with animal prints, faux fur coats, luxurious gold jewelry, and designer handbags as your new fashion inspiration.

Last Chance To Visit!

Annie Leibovitz’s extensive collection of 300 photographs is currently showcased at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, marking a significant milestone in her career. However, this exhibition is far from a typical retrospective, as it defies the usual chronological format and continues to evolve even after its fall opening. Visit the exhibition before it closes on Jan 29.

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