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Feature 01 Feb 2024

Welcome to the Friday Weekly Wrap-Up newsletter, where we explore the intersection of Art, Fashion, and Pop Culture.

Klimt’s Lost Masterpiece Emerges

Portrait of Fräulein Lieser by Gustav Klimt to Be Auctioned in April: All  the Details
Image via IM KINSKY

A long-lost masterpiece by Gustav Klimt, missing for nearly a century, has finally been unearthed and is poised to command a staggering $54 million when it goes under the hammer this spring.⁠ Vienna’s esteemed auction house, im Kinsky, has unveiled “Portrait of Fräulein Lieser,” one of Klimt’s final and previously elusive creations, which has only recently reemerged from the discreet confines of an Austrian collector’s personal trove.⁠

A Glimpse Inside Jerry Saltz’s Greenwich Village Homes

Have you ever been curious about what the home interior of the renowned Art Critic Jerry Saltz would look like? Well, wonder no more! @calebwsimpson, the sensational figure behind viral the Instagram and TikTok accounts that grant us exclusive glimpses into the lives of New Yorkers, has now turned his lens to capture the essence of Saltz’s residence nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

Sculpting Style: Jacquemus Unveils Spring 2024 Collection in Nice

On January 29, Simon Porte, the creative force behind @jacquemus, made a stylish entrance in Nice, France, to unveil his highly anticipated co-ed Spring 2024 collection under his eponymous label, held at the prestigious Fondation Maeght. This extraordinary collection, aptly named “LES SCULPTURES,” took its creative cue from the timeless artistry of Alberto Giacometti, the renowned Swiss artist hailed as one of the 20th century’s preeminent sculptors.⁠

Soup Splashdown at the Louvre

Watch: Soup thrown at Mona Lisa painting

On Sunday morning in Paris, two-spirited members of the French environmental group “Riposte Alimentaire – (Food Counterattack)” decided to spice things up at the Louvre by hurling a pot of pumpkin soup towards the iconic Mona Lisa. Fortunately, this world-famous masterpiece remained unscathed behind its trusty bulletproof shield, leaving the artwork and its fans with a saucy tale to remember!

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