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What happened this week in the midst of art, fashion and design
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Entertainment 22 Apr 2022

While you say “yes to the sun!”, watching people from the artistic world heading to Venice, which will surely and shortly invade the networks with photos of this unique event that I call the “artistic Olympics”, or if you are following instagramer’s which are in between the Coachella’s week ends, or even if it is not your case, well, here I bring you a ray of sunshine with everything that happened this week in the midst of art, fashion and design.

1. Venice Biennale, The Milk of Dreams

The 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, The Milk of Dreams, 

“Ciao Amore” here we are in this long-awaited event, after almost 3 years, our beloved La Biennale is back to make us directly dream of the world art trends in a majestic city like Venice. Our appointment will be as always for the Biennale of Art, better said, an ecstasy of pure art worthy of 3 years of attendance…

For those who want to understand a little more about how the biennale works, it is simple to understand. There are two categories: the central international pavilion, where artists from all over the world participate in a single exhibition, and the national pavilions, where each country registered and based in the biennale does his own exhibition.

The Central Pavilion

(Giardini) and in the Arsenale, include 213 artists from 58 countries; 180 of them participate for the first time in the International Exhibition. 1,433 works and objects exhibited, 80 new projects are specifically conceived.

To make us dream this exhibition will bear the name “The milk of dreams” taking its title from a book by Leonora Carrington (1917-2011) – An exhibition that promises mysticism worthy of our “doña Carrington” inviting us to travel between metaphysical states and transformation of reality and subconscious. A dialogue that the artists will have where they will touch on sensitive issues about human existence but the most important thing they seek to highlight is to take the public to a moment of re-introspection, almost a spiritual state. Challenging!

National Participations

It is easier for the national participants to understand, since it is where each country takes possession of its pavilion and proposes the artistic sample that will go to the biennale competition. This exhibition will also include the usual 80 national participations in the historical pavilions of the Giardini, which this year will see 5 countries participating for the first time, Republic of Cameroon, Namibia, Nepal, Sultanate of Oman and Uganda. The Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan participate for the first time with their own pavilion.

So with this summary I invite you to this unique experience in the world of art that opens its doors after a period complicated by covid.

save date:Venice 23 April – 27 November 2022 (Giardini and Arsenale)

2. Marlene Dumas Palasso Grassi/open-end

In order not to get away from this Venetian energy we traveled a few meters to go to the sumptuous Palazzo Grassi, which invited the artist Marlene Dumas.

From Sunday March 27, 2022, Palazzo Grassi presents ‘open-end‘, the first integral solo show that exhibits the work of Marlene Dumas in Italy, within the cycle of monographic exhibitions organized by the Pinault Collection dedicated to great contemporary artists which positions the foundation as one of the incontrovertible artistic powers of our times.

Marlene Dumas

An introspective exposition that will talk about her different states of mind and her perception of the world and her surroundings. In a certain way, affected by the covid period, the artist evokes the sensation of confinement, of being locked up and of closed museums and culture. As a counter opposition to this world, she wants her works to be an opening, a key to art, a window to open.

To end this game, the artist adds the word ‘end’, which in the context of the pandemic has its own implications, is both fluid and melancholy, like what we mostly all feel right now, after a post traumatic period where we simply want to close this dark chapter and add it to the world history.

Save date: From Sunday 27 March 2022, Palazzo Grassi , Venice IT

3. John Yuyi x Miu Miu 2022

We pass a bit from the Coachella of the art world to the artist, John Yuyi, who represents many of the artistic values of the new generation, like the importance of social media as a source of work and inspiration. The work of this artist focuses a lot on technology and how this influences the collective subconscious as well as the perception of our body between two realities.

Of course, it was not expected that she would be invited by prestigious brands who want to seduce this specific market, as in that case, Miu Miu. For the spring summer 2022 campaign, the artist made an intervention for the campaign in digital media where she attached what she consider the perception of it.

4. Terri Pecora x Studio Vitra Studio

Spring has arrived and the connection with the natural elements attacks us and what better way to celebrate it than with the new collaboration between terri pecora and vitra. a journey to the minimalism of colors and the connection with the elements for cigars, inspired by the iconic look of the mid-20th century. The spacious and bright furniture is creatively integrated, uniting a simple harmony. which has the advantage that the elements are easy and adaptable to any space but with a true retro-futuristic touch.

Terri invites us to connect with unique design elements in collaboration with vitra giving us a breath of lightness and design.

The color palette and texture featured in the collection are not normally associated with a bathroom setting. Plural is very furniture oriented and aims to make the bathroom a versatile living space where one can spend free time.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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