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What To Expect From Vivienne Westwood’s Personal Collection Christie’s Auction
You Can Now Shop Vivienne Westwood’s Personal Wardrobe
Art Girls Jungle 11 Jun 2024

Christie’s is set to host a highly anticipated auction that celebrates the life and legacy of one of Britain’s most influential fashion designers, Dame Vivienne Westwood. Titled “Vivienne Westwood: The Personal Collection,” this auction will be split into two parts: a live auction on June 25 and an online sale running from June 14 to June 28. The event promises not only to showcase iconic pieces from Westwood’s personal wardrobe but also to raise funds for causes she passionately supported throughout her life.

A Tribute to a Fashion Icon
Dame Vivienne Westwood, renowned for her avant-garde designs and rebellious spirit, left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. Highlights from her personal collection will now up for auction, span over four decades and include garments, shoes, and jewelry exclusively from her eponymous fashion house. Each piece is a testament to her unique style and visionary approach to fashion. The collection’s earliest piece dates back to the autumn/winter 1983/84 Witches collection, marking the beginning of her journey in reshaping contemporary fashion.

The Auctions

Part I: The Live Auction

The live auction on June 25 is set to be a major highlight. Among the items up for bid is “THE BIG PICTURE – Vivienne’s Playing Cards: Collect the cards. Connect the cards.” This unique project, designed by Westwood in 2017, serves as a blueprint for environmental and social activism. The playing cards, enlarged and signed by Westwood shortly before her death, feature powerful graphics addressing critical issues like climate change, social inequality, and human rights. Proceeds from the sale of these prints will benefit Greenpeace, reflecting Westwood’s lifelong commitment to environmental causes.

Part II: The Online Sale

Running concurrently with the live auction, the online sale from June 14 to June 28 offers a broader array of Westwood’s personal items. This part of the auction provides an accessible platform for collectors and fans worldwide to acquire a piece of fashion history. The proceeds from both the live and online sales will support The Vivienne Foundation, Amnesty International, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Greenpeace, ensuring that Westwood’s legacy continues to champion the causes she held dear.

Public Exhibition
Before the auctions, Christie’s will host a free public exhibition of the collection at their London headquarters from June 14 to June 24. This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to view some of the most significant pieces from Westwood’s wardrobe, each telling a story of her creative journey and the cultural impact she made.

Continuing Vivienne’s Mission
Dame Vivienne Westwood’s influence extended far beyond fashion. She used her platform to address urgent global issues and worked tirelessly to create a better society. The Vivienne Foundation, established by Westwood, partners with NGOs to tackle climate change and promote social justice. The upcoming auctions at Christie’s not only honor her contributions to fashion but also her unwavering dedication to making the world a better place.

To Wrap-Up
As Andreas Kronthaler, Westwood’s husband and creative partner, aptly stated, “She lived what she designed, she wore it.” The auction of Vivienne Westwood: The Personal Collection is more than a sale; it is a celebration of a life lived boldly and passionately.

Stay tuned as Christie’s unveils the contents of these landmark sales, offering a unique tribute to one of Britain’s most iconic fashion designers and environmental campaigners. Mark your calendars for the live auction on June 25 and the online sale from June 14 to June 28, and be part of an event that merges fashion history with philanthropy.

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