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when you take your summer outfit and feel the vitamin D work
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Entertainment 14 May 2022

While you enjoy the season’s best moment and I don’t talk only about the sun, but we love this moment when you take your summer outfit and feel the vitamin D work, this is what happens in the art and fashion world this week.

1. Balenciaga Trash Paris

Balenciaga has again scandalized all the media, and if his strategy is very successful, why is he scandalized at this level? Nothing more and nothing less than with his new model called Paris Sneakers. The clues look like they came out of a dumpster and aged in their sauce. The most controversial luxury brand proclaims itself, creating ugly shoes that exceed the imaginable.

This collection ranges from the most immaculate sneaker in pure white to the most well-worn rubbish that becomes a collector’s item, the latter of which only 100 pieces have been made.

The idea of the brand is a nod to the still life of photographer Léopold Duchemin, and the brand ensures that even if they have a worn look, they are made to last a lifetime by nature itself.

2. “Les femmes qui pleurent sont en colère” by Orlan crying women are angry

Suppose there is an artist who leads the feminist avant-garde. In that case, it is Orlan with the style of her pop but at the same time with political, religious, and above all, controversial overtones, which she will use for this exhibition.

Making a counterproposal of photographs entitled Crying Women Are Angry in confrontation with the paintings made in the 1930s by the artist Picasso and his allegories of suffering inspired mainly by the photographer Dora Maar, then a companion of the painter, but also to the victims of the Spanish civil war. This deformation of the female silhouette reminds us of the years of suffering and struggle of feminism.

3. The collector’s eye x Christie’s

Nazy Vassegh, the founder of Eye of the Collector, tries to break the mold with an art fair that promises to be different from the rest, and not in vain. She seeks Christie’s to present a global online platform for her art fair, which aims to break old patterns and enter a more digitized era; Its founder assures that she wants to bring back the collector with a fresh touch and something spectacular. And above all, what we adore the most is a girl power touch.

One of its pluses is the site of Two Temple Place, a neo-Gothic mansion commissioned in the 1890s by the American-British businessman, collector, and philanthropist William Waldorf Astor (1848-1919) and designed by the architect John Loughborough Pearson, known for his work on churches and cathedrals. He was giving him a unique touch in his style.

Opening times:

Thursday 12 May 2022, 11.00 – 20.00

4. The Billie Eilish outfit “Portrait of Madame Paul Poirson.”

Although we fell short on the number of artists who took strong artistic references for her Met Gala appearance, Billie Eilish needs a little extra mention by attending the 2022 Met Gala in a Gucci dress inspired by the “Portrait of Madame Paul Poirson” referencing his golden age “la belle epoque”, thus also reminds us that the new generation can also take hyper-classical portraits and bring it to the contemporary language.

It should be emphasized that this young star tries to reclaim body positivity in her way after years when she felt ashamed of her femininity and curves; now, she empowers herself and leaves a strong message to the new generation, but what she likes most is that she is not afraid to revisit topics hyper classics like the painting of John Singer.

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