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While you are looking for how to enter the world of cryto currency
Weekly Wrap Up
Entertainment 17 Dec 2021

While you are looking for how to enter the world of cryto currency and not be feeling in obsolescent mood , many things happened in the world of art and fashion here is the summary of the week.

1.The future is here Takashi Murakami x RTFKT

The world of metaverse, every day evolves in a more surprising way and artisticcollaborations are just around the corner.

One of the most interesting mixtures is to see how the physical and virtual planes try to merge as well as artificial intelligence such as NFTs, and one of those searches resulted in the collaboration between the virtual fashion collective RTFKT Studios and the contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, which was revealed to be a large-scale crypto-art project.

It is clear that it is an explosive collaboration where there is a mutual admiration on the part of the two work teams. Murakami is a type of artist who is not afraid of collaborations and it was not less to expect his great arrival in the metaverse universe. Although, his first series was in March of this year, 108 digital flowers inspired by the world of Nintendo, this latest project has a touch of nostalgia with a clear tribute to the CryptoPunks series, developed by Larva Labs as one of the first NFT projects in early 2017.

We could call this series Retro NFT, which includes 20,000 digitally generated 3D characters, each with a random assortment of predesigned features. Murakami contributed the designs to the eyes, mouths, helmets, clothing and “features” of the characters, incorporating characteristic elements of his well established cartoonish aesthetic, leaving his artistic identity in evidence and giving different and fun visual mixes.

These pieces have everything to leave their mark in the digital world to seduce even the not so believers of the NTF, an artist who breaks records, extremely attractive visuals, a brand that is at its peak of growth such as RTFKT and the fever of the I pray for the NFTs.

2. Gvasalia’s Family first, now we will introduce you Guram

Vetements appoints Guram Gvasalia, Demma’s brother, as head of brand Vetements and new creative director.

In recent years there have been numerous attempts to remove Demma from Vetements, mostly from fear that the brand would lose its DNA. The Gvasalia family knew that it was time.

With the new position Guram Gvasalia assumes in Vetements, he will handle both the creative and the business part. He wanted to make clear that both aspects can coexist in harmony and that high-level schools are not needed to achieve your dreams.

Vetements is more than a brand to me. Their DNA runs through my blood. But it is not the only reason I do this. It is true that I could have done it in secret, as I am a very private person. But I felt that I had to go out publicly for all the children who dream of fashion but are too afraid to tell their parents, I want to make sure that all young people know that you do not need rich parents, you do not need an investor, you do not need to sell your soul to big evil companies. You can change your life with your own creativity and passion, “concluded Guram in the statement.

 Very honest and profound words from someone who wants to protect the family heritage and also give his brother the opportunity to focus on his main work as creative director of Balenciaga.

3. Surprise the new Pantone color is Metaverse.

Well it is not metaverse but with all this digital gold fever Pantone did not want to be left behind and its new proposal for 2022 is a color inspired by this universe: the PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, a blue hue fused with a purplish red: It will be the color of the year 2022.

Although this new bluish pastel palette reminds us of the avatar universe, it wants to make us dream of a universe in metaverse inviting creativity, where perceptions between the physical and digital come together to take us on a sensory journey.

According to its creators, it is a color that invites us to the future but in a peaceful and serene way, almost like a kind of digital New Age. Personally, a little visual serenity would not hurt us at all and based on our favorite pink palette, The Art Gourgeous team would look great embracing this pantone17-3938.

4. Robert irwin @Kraftwerk Berlin

Once we go from digital to analog, we go to the exhibition of the moment in Berlin.

“The person who walks through the work does not have to know anything about you or about the art. That puts him on the most immediate social level, because the observer refers to the same signals as you. It is no longer an abstract reference “

With these words I invite you to one of the great exhibitions of this artist who was one of the creators of abstract art and the use of light as the main element. Irwin is a pioneer of Light and Space, a loosely affiliated art movement related to minimalism and geometric abstraction that originated in Southern California in the 1960. Irwin is one of the most prolific artists to emerge from that scene, taking abstract minimalism to other levels.

The exhibition

Light and Space (Kraftwerk Berlin) is the exhibition recently commissioned and put up at the LAS venue by renowned American artist Robert Irwin presented at Kraftwerk Berlin.

Irwin’s Light and Space series consists of fluorescent light tubes in abstract, rhythmic yet indecipherable patterns, scattered over high-finished white walls. In addition to being the largest work of its kind in Europe, this new iteration of Light and Space (Kraftwerk Berlin) combines for the first time blue and white fluorescent light tubes, which are placed on both sides of a monumental 16 × 16 meter independent wall. With this work, Irwin combines his interest in the potential of abstraction for a vision devoided of any precise object, alluding to his pictorial experiments of the 1960s with his more recent examinations of the conditions of perception of color.

The space takes center stage and the spatial sensation takes great importance in the installation of it, bringing the connection with the public to an easy and pleasant reading or just letting the public feel a little bit in a pacman game.

Now finishing this article I will not know very well in which abstract or numerical world I should choose for my Christmas holidays but one thing is certain I will take my sweeter in color in Very Peri Metaverse only for the trend.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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