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While You Calm Down After The TEFAF Maastricht Robbery Images
What happen in the fashion, art, and pop culture world this week
News 01 Jul 2022

While you recover your calm after the TEFAF Maastricht robbery images, this is what happened in the fashion and culture world this week.


This last week the Spring-Summer 2023 fashion week for men came to an end, where one of the arty creators came again with his magic collection; we talk about ISSEY MIYAKE, who presented his collection for next spring/summer 2023 with the usual message of lightness, fluidity, fresh air, and many floral colors.

The fashion show was accompanied by acrobats who wore the brand’s outifts, which gave the illusion of floating in ultra-light air and the sensation of wearing garments that seem to float in time-lapse.
My favorite pieces from this collection are:

• Acclimatization coat. The coat design allows the wearer to transform it according to the weather or mood. It can be gathered around the waist with a drawstring, and the hem can be folded to create a mid-length silhouette. The hood zipper can be unzipped to make a sailor collar. The hood can also be rolled up to form a high collar with an ultra-elegant air and an infinite silhouette effect that we all love it.

• Tuxedo Pleads. The series proposes dim, elegant evening dresses, realized in a gray or noir pleated fabric, perfect for an opening night in spring/summer, a true arty piece to have that will have all the elements that we love, fluidity, elegance and a lot of art.

2. Let’s Get Digital x Palazzo Strozzi

Palazzo Strozzi will always be one of the places of invocation in contemporary art exhibitions in Italy. This time, once again, it will not be the exception, representing one of the first and most important exhibitions that explore the NFT revolution ever produced by a cultural institution in Italy. So if this foundation breaks canons, this time they want to bring the experience between the viewer and the work to an ultra-contemporary language. For this reason, this exhibition was called Let’s Get Digital! In, bringing the NFT art revolution and the new frontier between the real and the digital, presenting works by international artists such as Refik Anadol, Anima, Daniel Arsham, Beeple, Krista Kim and Andrés Reisinger, that we presented last December with his ultra sensory installation between the mystical and the metaverse.

This exhibition is promoted and organized by the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation and the Hillary Merkus Recordati Foundation and curated by Arturo Galansino. Who took risks and wants to take the Italian public to the new era of the metaverse and the NFT? The future of art is here. Let’s Get Digital! In arrive to reaffirm it, a space where the public will have the opportunity to interact with this unique experience in its style. The spectator will have one foot between the digital universe and the real world, a hybrid between art and metaverse.

From May 18 to July 31, 2022,
Palazzo Strozzi Foundation.
www.palazzostrozzi.org / T. +39.055.2645155

3. Gucci NFT body action

Gucci has been fascinated with the digital world since its record last year by selling an NFT inspired by its ARIA collection at 25,000$; They want to show us that Gucci is one of the luxury brands that dominate the digital market and for this, from June 23, they will be open the opportunity to buy a brand’s NFT that will have for theme a trip to the past, the present and of course the future, celebrating the 100 years of history of the brand. These are available on the surpassing site, where there will be a digital exhibition with 29 invited artists.

4. Margaret Keane dies

This artist, who marked a generation between the 50s and 60s and came back to light with her biographical film, died on Sunday at 94, reported the New York Times.

The artist returned to light thanks to Tim Burton, who added her to his universe with the movie “Big Eyes,” where it was shown that she was the victim of her husband, who represented her works as part of the authorship, when they were in reality from Margaret. Her unique universe where indefatigable figures prevailed and her story showed us a clear example of the difficulty of women in art and whose origins did not allow her to defend her talent amid a submissive America after the post-war. However, while her husband spreaded out intimidating allegations the truth came to light, and the artist was able to protect her art until 1986.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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