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While you were Black Friday shopping
Weekly Wrap Up
Entertainment 26 Nov 2021

While you’re scooting your Black Friday Shopping Bag, this happened in the world of art and fashion.
1: Frida mi Amor” is you Again?

Yes, Frida did it again, and surely! we will never get tired of this twentieth-century Mexican feminist icon, and this time, “Yes, sir!!!”, she broke a record again! How could she imagined that her obsession with Diego would break a sale record, and, at this level, perhaps she broke more than just one record. Her painting reached this sum of 34.9 million dollars, with a simple title called (Diego and I or Diego y Yo), his obsession, his entire life, turned into the most expensive work ever sold by a Latin American artist. The buyer was Eduardo F. Costantini, an art collector and the founder of the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, also known as MALBA, so it undoubtedly enriched his collection as the pocket of the Sotheby’s sales house.
“The status of Frida Kahlo as a global cultural icon is indisputable, and the exceptional result of tonight reinforces her place as a titan of twentieth century art”, declared Julian Dawes of Sotheby’s in a press release about the sale.
so why not adding to our Black Friday shopping bag a Frida’s work for only 34.9 million dollars. It might after this black friday increase a million or two.

2: Shoes Attack.

photos via clashmusic

To continue with our black Friday Manolo delights us with an exquisite virtual museum where our pupils will live an ecstasy that only this brand can offer us.

50 years after the first opening of his first store on Old Church Street in London, Manolo Blahnik will share his archives to the public. A retrospective, the luxury house immerses us in a didactic journey and a unique virtual experience called “New Way of Walking “. The virtual world will highlight for the first time the archives of the house, whose creations have become, in the same way as Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes, and Samantha Jones, the heroines of the series “Sex and the City.” Imagine in collaboration with the curator Judith Clark and the study of digital design Ronin, this interactive experience will immerse the Public in the universe of Manolo Blahnik through sketches, films, photographs, or even unpublished models.

So we will easily add some pairs of Manolo Blanik to our shopping bag to end the year in the best style (Art on the city).

3 : Jeff Koons x The Skate room

For whom they did not know, Jeff not only criticizes the consummation system, our friend also has a very marked social side, for example Jeff Koons has been a board member of The International Center for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) since 2002, and co-founded the Koons Family International Law and Policy Institute with ICMEC.

This year the collaboration with Skate Room seeks to build a skate park in Mexico with 10% from the sale, supporting global talent and giving an opportunity of art and sport to young people and children in a vulnerable state.

A bit of art shopping with a social background? Let’s hope that the frequency of this type of collaboration will increase for the next year.

4: Pop-up landscape on Jeju Island by Burberry

The brand never fails to surprise with its way of seducing him as it was Asian with a monumental pop store that looked like a sculpture that appeared as a sort of oasis of luxury. If I confirm to you it is not a pre black friday hallucination, it is real there and it is on the island of Jeju so come have a tea and sit down to enjoy this fashion oasis.
The brand supports the continuing preservation of Jeju Island through a five-year partnership with the non-profit organization “Jeju Olle Foundation ”. It will invest in “maintaining the island’s scenic trails to allow continued and safe access for the public while supporting waste elimination programs to help preserve the island’s natural beauty”.

This ‘immersive brand experience’ in Jeju is connected to a series of world-inspired pop-ups that show us silhouettes of outerwear while blurring the lines between nature and technology.

The pop-up phenomenon is presented in the form of a mirrored topographic sculpture which rises from the landscape, an ephemeral, dreamlike and futuristic brand space, deeply connected to nature.

“This is the best place for a “social experience” that takes up a lot of the space with a TikTok partnership providing the connection to global technology and community resources. Visitors scan a TikTok QR code to activate an augmented reality lens, creating a scene replacing the required sky.”

With this project, we finalized this Black Friday with another experiment between fashion and technology, each time resorting to new states of connection between the public and the brand’s products.
Now it is up to you to choose which of the products you will keep for this dose of art shopping Friday’s madness with The Art Gorgeous.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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