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Why You Need A Work Tribe
Because there really is power in numbers
Career 20 Nov 2023

Are you feeling lonely or unsupported at work? Have you been made to feel that individual success is the best? Well my friend, let me introduce you to the concept of the work tribe. With a work tribe you have loads of colleagues cheering you on and supporting you on the good days AND the bad days too. Times are tough, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Finding a work tribe – whether it be through colleagues at your workplace or through career-focused clubs – will be of a huge benefit not just for your work, but also your mental wellbeing. Want to know why? Read on!

For Support

Working alone is great and all, but what about when you have a problem? Or when you need someone to back you up in the boardroom? It is easy to ignore a single voice, but much harder to sweep a heard under the carpet. Having colleagues to stand by you when times are tough is key.

To Widen Your Network

You have great contacts, your friend has great contacts and her friend has great contacts. So, put them together! Why limit your network when you can help and feed off each other, having a tribe of work colleagues will always be of benefit, who knows who your tribe could introduce you to! 

To Mix With Other Industries

Following on from the point above, by widening your network, you may find ways of mixing with people in other industries, which in turn may bring about more work opportunities for all parties involved. Result! 

Because There Really Is No ‘I’ In Team

Even if you work alone, you won’t get very far without interacting with others. In fact, when you work independently is probably when you’ll need a work tribe the most. Being part of a tribe – whether that’s through online groups or real life networks – shows that you are committed to whatever industry you are in, can maintain relationships and is ultimately a good way to show potential employers that you can work with people. 

To Share Your Success

Who do you turn to when you’ve had a really good day at work? Did you make that sale? Get a promotion? With a work tribe around you to support you, that success is so much sweeter. And, more importantly, you’ll often be working towards common goals, meaning that there will be many more shared successes. 

To Find Your People

Perhaps you feel like you don’t fit in right now. Maybe you feel like the odd one out, but by going out and looking for your tribe, you may find a whole new group of friends. Why not think about joining an art girl networking club, and there isn’t anywhere better to look than The Art Gorgeous House!

Because It Will Make Work More Enjoyable

Let’s face it, work isn’t always fun. However, if you are working with great pals by your side, it is down to make even the most boring tasks much much more enjoyable. 

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