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With the arrival of spring, the good news also arrive in the world of art and fashion
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Entertainment 25 Mar 2022

While you feel the smell of spring hitting the streets and prepare your agenda for all the arty events that are coming, this is what happened in the world of art and fashion this week.

1. Marilyn by Warhol – The New Record Painting?

Spring is here, the sales houses know it very well and are ready to break records. Christie’s wants to make the sale of the year and the selected artist is Warhol and his famous and iconic Marilyn.

For this sale that will take place next May, the painting was estimated at a value of $200 million! base. This could become the most expensive work ever sold at auction. The sale will be in aid of the Thomas and Doris Ammann Foundation.

The Marilyn “is about to become the most expensive painting of all time,” said Alex Rotter, president of 20th and 21st century art at Christie’s, at a press conference. I can assure you that Mr Warhol would have been happy as he would surpass all other artists of his generation.

But to reach “the most expensive painting of all time”, Warhol’s price would have to more than double his estimate and exceed the $450.3 million paid for Leonardo da Vinci’s, Salvator Mundi, in 2017, estimated at first at $100 million.

Warhol first painted Marilyn in 1962. It is clear that this work has a symbolic place in the career of the artist, there is no higher pop symbol than Warhol’s Marilyn. So it is possible that the auction will break records because it has all the components to mark the sale of the year.

2. Adidas x Balenciaga

Ok, at the level of sneakers, these two are widely iconic, Balenciaga for being the high-end and super trend, and Adidas, which is a basic wardrobe classic and almost all of us have it.

Adidas always wants to innovate in the market and its way is to seduce prestigious collaborators this time it created the Adidas x Balenciaga “Black White” Triple S model… Not the first time these two brands work together, but this time, they released a very graphic, timeless, must have, sneaker.

We should be happy that she is out for the next art marathons and that we will be wearing our comfortable yet elegant look.

This collaboration will come directly to the adidas site and for lovers of hybrids this is a pair to collect.

3. Web-3 Cafe: Pixelated Pop-up Installation on View @Galerie Charraudeau

The digital world is always looking for ways to give us diverse experiences, this time for Galerie Charraudeau, they got down to business creating a functional café inspired by Crosby Studios’ upcoming video game.

Harry Nuriev, architect, designer and director of Crosby studios, and Gaia Repossi, creative director of Repossi, teamed up to create a space totally inspired from the digital world, video games and the metaverse.

The experience seeks to merge the world of the metaverse with the physical world as well as the interaction with objects. Nuriev created furniture with pixel forms, called “the Video game collection”.  

This experience is a fun mix between design, art and the metaverse, putting a little avant-garde in the universe of the galleries. This meta café gives us a space where colors and pixels unconsciously immerse us in unconditional fun and unlimited creation.

“Web-3 Cafe” will be on view from March 4, 2022 to April 16, 2022.

4. Osteria Gucci – So Yam in Seoul

Korea enters the luxury market on another level, so they never want to miss out on the latest trends. Gucci da Massimo Bottura’s third Osteria is located in Seoul, Korea, marking the fashion house’s third location outside of Italy after Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Ginza, Tokyo.

Located on the top floor of the Gucci Gaok flagship store in the Itaewon district, the contemporary restaurant offers a fun take on traditional Italian cuisine. Developed by Chef Massimo Bottura, Seoul Executive Chef Jun Hyung-kyu, and Head Chef Davide Cardellini, the “a la carte” menu includes signature dishes such as the Emilia Burger and Parmigiano Reggiano Cream Tortellini. Korean influences are incorporated into dishes like Seoul Garden and Summer in Adriatic. Guests can enjoy the meal with a variety of beverages, including wines and cocktails.

The interior of the restaurant features a green palette, with a secret private dining room hidden behind stained glass doors. Seating up to eight guests, the space called the Hall of Mirrors is decorated with Gucci-branded wallpaper.

So Gucci is the packaging with the brand’s logos, perfect for the fashionista from the outside in, literally and so we can tell the song, Clique, by Kanye West in which he talks about this iconic cafe where Kim herself usually spends her Sunday Brunch in Beverly Hills.

Gucci Osteria Seoul by Massimo Bottura

223 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu

Seoul, South Korea

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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