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These women kick off a tech-embracing art fair experience
Where? In the forward looking capital of Copenhagen
Art Girls Jungle 21 Aug 2019

Enter Art Fair
Team of Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark

ENTER Art Fair powered by Artland is a new and ambitious international art fair in the Nordics. The fair takes place at the cultural progressive area The Refshaleoen in Copenhagen and as the first of its kind, ENTER Art Fair and Artland combine the well-known art fair format with a state-of-the-art digital art fair experience. Copenhagen is one of the world’s most vibrant and forward-looking capitals – not only for art. We have been talking to the charming, all-female cast behind the fair how to get ready for the Danish big bang, opening its doors end of this month.


Where to see art outside the fair…

Caroline: Galleries:Copenhagen is home to a variety of great contemporary art galleries, such as Sabsay, Hans Alf Gallery,Tom Christoffersen, Last Resort, Nils Stærk, Nicolai Wallner, Martin Asbæk, Christian Andersen, Gether Contemporary, Bianca D’Allessandro and many others.
Museums: Copenhagen Contemporary is conveniently located right next to the fair and is the newest and coolest kid on the (institutional) block showing installation art created by world stars and cutting edge talents. Although very different Thorvaldsens Museum and The Glyptotek are also personal favorites of mine – both incredibly beautiful places where architecture and classical art are joined in perfect harmony.
Private museums: Louisiana in Humlebæk a not to miss museum when in Denmark! During the fair Pippilotti Rist’s wonderful immersive exhibition ‘Open my Glade’ can be experienced.
Off spaces: Check out Cisternerne in Frederiksberg! The former water reservoir to Copenhagen is now an urban drip stone cage turned into a magical underground exhibition space for contemporary art with one annual site-specific total experience. This year Superflex’s amazing installation ‘It’s not the end of the world’ can be experienced.
Others: Last year Denmark received its first public monument to a black woman intended to address the country’s history as a colonial power. “I Am Queen Mary” is inspired by Mary Thomas, a 19th-century freedom fighter who led a major uprising on St. Croix, one of the Virgin Islands that was then part of the Danish West Indies. The statue is created by artists La Vaughn Belle and Jeannette Ehlers and located on the waterfront of Copenhagen close to the Royal Palace.

Galleries: Take a trip down the streets from The Kings Square (Kgs. Nytorv)These streets house some of the best galleries in Copenhagen in a walking distance from the city center.
Museums: Thorvaldsens Museum in the city center is a favorite its beautiful and the museum contains Thorvaldsen’s drawings and sketches for sculpturesand reliefs. In addition the museum also exhibits Thorvaldsens extensive private collections of paintings from his own time and collections of artworks and objects from Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquity.
SMK (National Gallery of Denmark) until September 1st (the last day of the fair) you can experience the exhibition: There I Belong. Hammershøi by Elmgreen & Dragset.
Private museums: Louisiana. It’s 45 minutes outside Copenhagen, but definitely worth the time. Take the train and enjoy the view driving along the coastline and enjoy a nice lunch at the Calder Terrace at the museum.
Off spaces: Being at Refshaleøen with Enter Art Fair I have to mention the famous Freetown Christiania. Maybe you won’t find traditional artworks there, but it’s inspiring to many, known for the creative housing and controversial ownership – and also for the so called ‘Pusher street’. Need to say more?

  Galleries: Copenhagen has a lot cool contemporary galleries, located all over town. To mention some V1, Hans Alf Gallery, Last Resort, KANT and Etage Projects. You can take a stroll down Bredgade, and the area around, and visit a lot of the well known galleries. Also you can go to Kødbyen where you will find galleries located in the old butcher buildings.
Museums: Copenhagen has a mix of both modern and mere classical museums. Copenhagen Contemporary, Arken, Charlottenborg and SMK to mention some of my favorites.


Where to have the best…
Caroline: Local food and what would it be: Noma is very local situated as it is onRefshaleøen very close to the fair. Not only is it local in terms of location, it is also world famous for its groundbreaking approach to localism, seasonality, sustainability and science. Another local Refshaleøen restaurant is newly opened Alchemist that has already gained international recognition and an impressing waiting list of several thousand people.
For a less expensive meal try Aamans – they have the best open faced sandwiches that Denmark are world famous for! Remember to accompany the meal with akvavit!
Girls night out: As a former ballet dancer I love dancing, which means that I am always to be found on the dance floor of any party. However, as I am writing these lines I realize it has been too long since I went clubbing that I dare recommend a hip club (since it’s a flavor of the month thing anyways). The bar at Sanders is always a hit though :).
Beauty pampering: Check out Sahar’s in the city center. Although I have not yet gone myself, I hear my girlfriends raving about it!
Shopping break: Go to Illum on Strøget, where you’ll find everything you need. Illum is Copenhagen’s premium department store offering everything from fashion and beauty to home décor and design. Besides being a shopping paradise, ILLUM caters to the quality conscious foodie and everyone who likes their coffee with a nice view.
Art detox: Jump in the harbour at one of the many urban harbour baths Copenhagen has to offer.
Sleep: Sanders is the place! The newly opened boutique hotel has a cozy and yet stylish atmosphere, yummy food, and cute waiters.

Julie: Local food and what would it be: get in line immediately for the new restaurant Alchemist! If you the waiting list is to long – grab a faster bite at REFFEN street food. Both are located at Refshaleøen and close to the ENTER tent? For a more traditional experience try MORMOR’S (‘grandmothers’). The owner is a passionate art collector and bakes wonderful cakes and sandwiches herself every morning always wearing Chanel! The Danish royals, Justin Bieber and many more are amongst her loyal customers. Girls night out: Start at cafevictor. Take it from there. beauty pampering. Amazing Space. Situated under the famous and city central hotel D’Angleterre. Shopping break Holly Go Lightly. It’s easy to see that this store is owned by a passionate art collector as well. Art detox No reason to detox from art?sleep If I had to check in at an hotel I the city of Copenhagen I would choose Hotel Sanders. As I live in Copenhagen I will just have my Cocktail in the bar instead.

Christina: Local food and what would it be: Around the fair you will find a lot of cool places to go for food or drinks. Just across from ENTER baby baby bar is located, which is a very cool place with a beach vibe. Here you will get delicious food and drinks. Also very near from ENTER, La Banchina is placed, here you can also enjoy moderen, scandinavian food at the same time you can go for a swim in the harbour and into a sauna.
A 5 minute bike ride away you will find Broens Gade køkken where you can enjoy street food and sit by the harbour. You can also walk just behind the fair and find street food at reffen.
For classic danish food, go to Restaurant Sankt Annæ for Smørrebrød
Beauty pampering ??? Pas
Shopping break: In Copenhagen we do a lot of secondhand shopping and going to flea markets during the warmer months. For luxury secondhand Jerome Vintage, Paloma Vintage and Times Up Vintage are good – for budget friendly go to Nørrebro or Pisserenden here you will find a lot of secondhand – form jeans to dresses.
Art detox: Sauna Gus (aroma therapy session in sauna) and a swim in the harbour.
Sleep: Air bnb a house boat in Copenhagen Harbour.


Art ladies ruling the scene (artists, collectors, dealers, journalists etc) and Danish art’ grams to follow…

Caroline: You will need to follow my fellow ENTER art girls; director Julie Alf and curator Irene Campolmi of course! They are both inspirational and beautiful creatures who play an important role in DK art life.
Also, I will mention Marie Nipper (director at Copenhagen Contemporary, former director at Tate Liverpool), Helga Just Christoffersen (director at Art Hub Copenhagen, former curator at the New Museum), Sara Lysgaard (collector holding an eclectic and highly personal collection), Gitte Ørskou (newly appointed director at Moderna Museum, Stockholm) – and DK artists Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Sophie Dupont, Mille Kalsmose, Malene Landgreen & Kirstine Roepstorff.

Julie: Art ladies ruling the scene (artists, collectors, dealers, journalists etc) and Danish art ‘grams to follow: From my view in Denmark I will talk about the Copenhagen scene: Who else can I say than Curator and Researcher Irene Campolmi and Art Advisor Caroline Bøge. Luckily I work with both at Enter Art Fair. Strong ladies behind a graceful appearance. Both very skilled and experienced. Copenhagen has a lot of strong and succesfull female artists too. My favorites: Amalie Jacobsen, Lea Gulditte Hestelund, Rose Eken, Lea Porsager og Mille Kalsmose.

Christina: Etage projects; Mariafoerlev, Artist Mie Olise Kjærgaard, klaralilja.

Instagram: Caroline Bøge

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